James Watkins

James Watkins

Freelance Writer

James has over 35 years’ riding experience, getting involved with the burgeoning mountain bike scene in the late eighties, and hasn’t stopped riding since. He has witnessed first-hand the phenomenal development our sport has seen over that period. James has raced cross-country across the South West of the UK for many years and has even dabbled with a bit of road racing. Whether going up, down, steep or flowing, James loves it all! Living in North Devon, the hills aren’t exactly mountainous, but they are plentiful, and James likes nothing better than exploring the wilderness of Exmoor and Dartmoor, and the occasional guided trip to the Alps to get the real mountain experience.

Rides: Santa Cruz Bronson, Trek Top Fuel, Scott Addict CX

Height: 179mm

Weight: 71kg

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