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Graham Cottingham shredding some gnar
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Launched in July 2019, Bike Perfect's mission is to provide the best bike buying advice available to help you get more from your riding, whatever your level of fitness and skill. Our editorial team comprises of award-winning writers and journalists based all over the world who specialize in bike testing, buying advice and product reviews. While the majority of our content centers around mountain biking, we also cover gravel cycling, e-MTB and bikepacking. 

Our team is actively involved in their local cycling communities and can be found out and about on local trails, mountain roads and gravel expanses enjoying the many benefits that come with riding a bike. No matter what you're looking for – be it a new bike, helmet, clothing or accessories – the advice we provide is aimed to help make your purchasing decision an easy and trouble-free experience as possible.

Meet our editorial team

Rich Owen
Richard Owen

Richard has worked as print and internet journalist for over 24 years. He's the editor of the Bikeperfect.com team, having previously been editor of What Mountain Bike magazine and written for Bikeradar.com, MBUK.com, Off-Road.cc, Mountain Biking UK, Cycling Plus, as well as an eclectic range of other magazines and websites ranging from Hip Hop Connection to The Simple Things. Rich bought his first mountain bike (a Scott Tampico) in 1995 and has been riding MTB for almost 30 years. He likes hitting flowy yet technical trails and is a jack of many MTB trades, competing in cross-country, enduro and long-distance races over the years. A resident of North Devon, he can mostly be found pedaling furiously around his local trails, or slightly further afield on Exmoor and elsewhere in Britain's southwest.

Guy Kesteven
Guy Kesteven

Guy starting writing and testing for bike mags in 1996. Since then he’s written several million words about several thousand test bikes and a ridiculous amount of riding gear. He's worked for MBUK.com, Bikeradar.com, What Mountain Bike, Cycling Plus, MBR, Singletrack, plus many more mags and websites. To make sure he rarely sleeps and to fund his custom tandem habit, he’s also coughed out a handful of bike-related books and talks to a GoPro on YouTube, too.

Graham Cottingham
Graham Cottingham

Graham is all about riding bikes off-road. Based in Edinburgh he has some of the best mountain biking and gravel riding in the UK right on his doorstep. With almost 20 years of riding experience, he has dabbled in downhill, enduro and, most recently, gravel racing. Not afraid of a challenge, Graham has embraced bikepacking over the last few years and likes nothing more than strapping some bags to his bike and covering big miles to explore Scotland's wildernesses. When he isn’t shredding the gnar in the Tweed Valley, sleeping in bushes or tinkering with bikes, he is writing tech reviews for Bike Perfect. He has also written reviews for our sister site, Cyclingnews.com in the past.

Paul Brett
Paul Brett

Paul has been riding bikes for as long as he can remember. From racing mountain bikes in the 1990s to endurance riding on the North Coast 500. He put his knowledge of all things cycling to good use when Paul founded his own adventure and cycling magazines back in 2018, Proper Adventure and Proper Cycling, which has led him on some memorable experiences. From riding with and interviewing World Champions to riding bikes all over the world. Based in Edinburgh, he has the stunning riding locations that Scotland has to offer on his doorstep and has recently embraced the freedom and adventure of gravel riding.

Rob Spedding

Rob serves as Content Director at Future Publishing, a portfolio that spans Bike Perfect.com, Cyclingnews.com, Cycling Weekly and MBR. His first proper road bikes were a Raleigh Sprint in the early 1980s and then a Trek 1000 in 1999. Rob spent 12 years as editor of Cycling Plus magazine after which he took on the role of Content Director at Bikeradar.com

Contact information

Editorial: richard.owen@futurenet.com

Advertising: jess.hamer@futurenet.com

UK address: Quay House, The Ambury, Bath, BA1 1UA

US address: Suite 500, 5th Floor, Bank of America Plaza, 600 Peachtree Street, NE, Atlanta, GA, 30308

Our PR, reviews and ethics policy

Rest assured that all our reviews are independent and free from commercial considerations. We never take money for reviews. Nothing that has a star rating has been paid for.

We sometimes take trips and hospitality to attend shows and see products. We always mention this within our coverage. It doesn’t affect how we think about products but does affect whether we cover certain products (as in we may not have been able to get to see a certain product had the company not taken us to see it).

Almost all our review products are sent to us by the companies involved and usually as a result of our request. We always return products on request or at the end of our agreed loan period. For more on our review processes, please see our 'how we test' page.

We score products on a scale from 1 to 5 stars. Three stars is a good to very good product, four stars is an excellent product. Five stars are never awarded lightly and are a mark of exceptional quality.

Affiliate & Advertising disclosure

We always aim to provide unbiased editorial created by our journalists and writers. We also need to pay our teams and website costs so we make money in a number of ways. We sometimes use affiliate links to products and services on retailer sites for which we can receive compensation if you click on those links or make purchases through them. From time to time we also publish advertorials (paid-for editorial content) and sponsored content on the site. When this is the case the content is clearly marked as sponsored or promoted, so you’ll always know which content is editorial and which is not. Future PLC is our parent company and has an in-depth terms and conditions page with a lot more information that you can read right here

Our privacy policy

Bike Perfect is part of Future PLC. We are both fiercely committed to protecting your privacy. Please have a look at our in-depth privacy policy to find out more.

The Independent Press Standards Organisation

Bike Perfect is a member of the Independent Press Standards Organisation (which regulates the UK's magazine and newspaper industry). We abide by the Editors' Code of Practice and are committed to upholding the highest standards of journalism. If you think that we have not met those standards and want to make a complaint please contact bikeperfect@futurenet.com. If we are unable to resolve your complaint, or if you would like more information about IPSO or the Editors' Code, contact IPSO on 0300 123 2220 or visit www.ipso.co.uk.

The IPSO Mark

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