Could this be the most expensive camper van ever created? It's well-prepped for wild mountain bike adventures but the price is just insane

Redtail Overland's Skyloft van
The patented Skyloft upstairs sleeping are is the jewel in the crown on Redtail's camper van (Image credit: Redtail Overland)

Have you ever dreamt of what the ultimate money-is-no-object, adventure-ready camper van might look like? Then dream no more because Redtail Overland, the Boulder, Colorado-based luxury van conversion company might have just created the best camper van I've ever seen. However, starting at $500,000 (yes, that is the correct amount of zeroes) for its Skyloft Van, it means you'll likely need a lottery win to get one.

Redtail Overland starts with a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 144 and it's then transformed into the Skyloft Van ready and rigged out for the best mountain bike and off-road adventures. It features its patented and exclusive, climate-controlled, carbon fiber Skyloft rooftop camper, which modestly is referred to as just an added "upstairs".  

The Skyloft Van is way more than just a standard rooftop camper addition though, as well as the impressively spacious upstairs, Redtail also outfits the entire van, inside and out, with what is described as "the most advanced systems and premium components money can buy or skilled hands can craft". 

Side on view of the Skyloft Van

Starting with the standard Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, Redtail transform it into the highest standard of luxury off-grid living (Image credit: Redtail Overland)

Looking more like a luxury yacht inside rather than a van, it comes with that equally hefty price tag. Redtail Overland says its Skyloft Van takes its custom van conversions to "ultra-luxury and ruggedly capable heights". So just what do you get in this ultimate off-road living set-up, I had a look at the details and hoped my editor was ready to give the go-ahead on ordering is as the new Bike Perfect team van, ready for Red Bull Hardline perhaps?!?

Exterior details

The first thing I was keen to know, is just how many mountain bikes it'll carry, and the initial answer on the stock spec build is a slightly disappointing two. They are mounted on One-Up bike racks on the rear door. 

However, customization is the name of the game with Redtail Overland and that 'garage' space which is underneath the living/sleeping area, is tall enough to add a pull-out bike platform if desired. This will up the bike count to at least four, which is also the capacity it's designed to sleep. 

There is also a rear storage box (ideal as a tool chest) and an air compressor, so for tinkering with mountain bikes, the Skyloft Van is sorted. Further customization could easily allow a workstand or tool tray to be added in the rear area too.

Other noteworthy additions that come as standard are front and rear bumper winches that will make owners of the Skyloft instantly popular should lesser vans find themselves stuck and need a tow. There is also an Owl Vans rear tire carrier, ladder and electric retracting side steps. If you're hosting the post-laps beers [though cocktails might be more appropriate here – Ed], then the self-supporting motorized awning with wind sensor, Bluetooth control and LED lighting has you 'covered'.

Rear view of the garage area on the Skyloft Van

The rear garage comes with plenty space as standard but custom options can be specced like a bike platform (Image credit: Redtail Overland)

Interior details

Things get ramped up inside the van, and Redtail Overland says its design solves the headache that many van conversions can struggle with – finding enough space to fit everything in. By moving the main sleeping area upstairs they add that you'll no longer have to compromise your amenities to accommodate family, friends or gear. 

Inside the Skyloft sleeping area

The Skyloft sleeping area has huge windows for taking in the views (Image credit: Redtail Overland)

Every Skyloft Van comes with two climate-controlled sleeping zones, a heated, enclosed wet bath, a full galley, a large dining area, loads of storage and four secure automotive seats for safe travel.

The Skyloft rooftop is perhaps the highlight here and is a fully insulated ultra-strong and lightweight carbon fiber sleeping space, but also way more. The spacious interior features a super plush mattress imported from Germany, large double-pane windows, heat and AC on a dedicated thermostat, dimmable lighting, USB and power outlets, a fan and room to leave your bedding and pillows when closed. 

Interior details of the Skyloft Van

Office space for working remotely is also included (Image credit: Redtail Overland)

The elevated rear lounge and secondary sleep area are perfect for dinner with a view or a 'Netflix and chill' session watching the latest must-watch series on the swivel mount TV. There is a large dining table which seats four and it can be removed for even more room.

If you are working on the go, there is an additional desk space too and the optional Starlink In-Motion satellite means you'll always have access to the internet and emails. You're unlikely to ever run out of power as there is a 14KW automotive-grade lithium battery bank, a 3,200W inverter that will even charge e-MTB batteries, and there's 330W of solar power.

Inside view of the Skyloft camper van

There is so much space you might forget you're in a van (Image credit: Redtail Overland)

You can watch a walkaround overview below and find all the fine details at and look out for the Bike Perfect branded Redland Overland 'Skyloft Van', maybe coming soon – shotgun the Skyloft!

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