Cycling Christmas gift guide

Cycling Christmas gift guide
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When talking about their hobby to the uninitiated, it can sometimes feel like cyclists are speaking a different language. It's no wonder that mountain bikers, gravel riders, and roadies can be notoriously hard to buy Christmas gifts for, and it's especially hard if you're on the hunt for presents for someone who seemingly already has everything they need. 

But that's not to say you should just resign all hope and buy them yet another gift voucher for the local bike shop or resort straight to novelty when sourcing the best Christmas gift for the cyclist in your life.

If you're struggling for inspiration on what to buy or confidence in your choices, the list below has seven great ideas that are perfect for all cyclists.

Rehook Tyre Glider & Rehook Mini Bundle

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Rehook Tyre Glider & Rehook Mini Bundle: View at

Price: £29.99

Rehook Tyre Glider (recently reviewed in Cycling Weekly) and Rehook Mini are a light and compact combination built for each other. These pocket-sized tools are designed to get you back on your bike. Ideal for; fitting tight tires, dropped chains, jams, turbos, maintenance, and roadside adjustments.

Rehook Mini is the pocket-sized tool to get your chain back on your bike, incorporating tool bits with a foldable classic Rehook toolhead.

Rehook Tyre Glider is the evolution of tire levers. It works across all bike disciplines, allowing quicker and easier removal and installation of tight-fitting tyres.

Available at from $35.00 / £29.99

Be bold. Be seen. Be warm. Cycology: View at

Price: From £20

Featuring hand-drawn designs from the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia. These bold and unique garments will let you stand out from the pack. Created from high-performance fabrics with exceptional comfort and protection from the cold. Winter range of garments includes base layers, long sleeve jerseys, jackets, bib tights, and accessories. Mix and match or get the complete look. Pictured are long sleeve jerseys (£85), bib tights (£100), winter gloves (£26), neck warmers (£15), and socks (£15). 

Ere Tenaci Bar Cover

(Image credit: Ere)

Ere Tenaci Bar Cover: View at

Price: £35.00

This is a totally new product and we are quite sure you've never seen this before anywhere else. Our new Tenaci Gravel Handlebar covers are all you need to upgrade your handlebars. They are designed for long days in the saddle.  This is a classic bar tape, combined with a unique bar cover that you slide over the end of your handlebars, up to the shifters. The cover not only offers the ultimate grip on your bike but also protects your handlebars against side impacts. Our Ere Tenaci Bar Cover is one of those new little innovations that make sure every gravel ride is a ride you can enjoy.

Shokz OpenRun Bone Conduction Sport Headphones

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Shokz OpenRun Bone Conduction Sport Headphones: View at

Price: £129.95 (£103.95 – 30% off from 21 Dec to 27 Dec)

Safety: The open-ear design based on bone-conduction technology allows you to be open to the world, enjoy high-quality sound, and pay attention to your environment at the same time.

The OpenRun has nothing plugging into or covering your ears, bringing you all-day comfort. There are standard and mini sizes, so you can find your most suitable fit. When wearing them, they feel super lightweight and even dynamic movement is uninhibited.

OpenRun enjoys an IP67 water-resistant standard, that keeps your headphones safe from splashes, sweat, and even getting caught in the rain.

Vitus Kids Range. For Little Riders

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Vitus Kids Range for little riders: View at

Price: From £44.99 to £629.99

With something for all abilities, our range of kid's bikes are engineered for fun, confidence, and control with attention to simple but assuring components. Perfect for exploring and building those essential skills that will stay with them for life, whilst maximizing the fun.

Covering years 3 to 7+ years, from Balance bikes to trail-ready hardtails and CX bikes, our range is influenced greatly by all the good stuff we learned when creating our award-winning bikes. Our kid's platforms bring all the same riding performance to the next generation.

SQlab OX Infinergy Ergowave Active 2.1

(Image credit: SQlab)

SQlab OX Infinergy Ergowave Active 2.1: View at

Price: €199.95 

SQlab’s first saddle to be 100 percent made in Germany. The 6OX Infinergy Ergowave Active is your companion for E-MTB and Enduro action, relieving the sensitive areas, and supporting the back thanks to the proven active technology. The foam is made of the popular BASF Infinergy material which is very robust and brings comfort to a completely new level, especially off-road, due to the faster rebound. The saddle doesn’t have a cover over the entire surface, instead, there are “tapes” in the important areas, which further aids in the special comfort characteristics. Available in sizes from 13cm to 16cm to find the perfect fit for everybody.


(Image credit: Endura)

Endura MT500 Freezing Point Jacket II: View at

Price: $199.99 / £164.99

Winter can provide some of the most epic riding days with cool, crisp air and snow-dusted trails. Reset the thermostat with the updated MT500 Freezing Point Jacket and make even the coldest winter day a riding day. 

Lightweight yet durable ripstop body panels with PrimaLoft GOLD insulation means this jacket will hold up in the most demanding conditions.

Elite Nanofly 0-100

(Image credit: Elite)

Elite Nanofly 0-100: View at

Price: £29.99

Keep your drinks hot for hours during your winter rides with Elite's all-season insulated bottle.


(Image credit: FIIDO)

Fiido D3 Pro E-Bike: View at

Price: $599

Fiido D3 Pro is a foldable, light, and powerful e-bike that can turn dull, daily tasks such as errand running into a great combination of joyride and workout.

It is one of the lightest bikes on the market with a mere 17.5 kg (38.6 lbs) total weight, equipped with a 250W Brushless motor that effortlessly reaches speeds up to 16MPH/25KPH. You won’t stop feeling your pedal resistance at higher speeds with the high gear ratio and better torque.

An e-bike that expands your whole family’s sphere of activity with ease.

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