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Gifts for mountain bikers: 25 ideas to help you find just the right thing

Gifts for mountain bikers
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Buying mountain biking gifts for mountain bikers is a no-brainer. However, it isn't always that simple. Serious mountain bikers spend untold hours poring over every last detail of everything that has anything to do with mountain biking. They study it day and night then they buy it for themselves. How could you possibly find something they both want and haven't already bought for themselves? It's a challenge but we think we can help.

The only people who study mountain biking more is the team here at Bike Perfect. We get a chance to test all the best gear and we've got an understanding of what makes every ride just a little easier, or a little more fun. If you are looking for an idea of what to get a mountain bike rider in your life then keep reading. 

Or maybe you are a mountain bike rider yourself who fancies treating yourself and are having a hard time thinking of what you could get. Whatever kind of inspiration you need, we've got a gifts for mountain bikers list of ideas that is sure to bring a bit of joy to any dedicated mountain biker. 

Gifts for mountain bikers

Repair-related ideas

Anyone who owns a bike has to work on a bike and more tools are always better. Tools make great gifts for mountain bikers if you don't know a ton about the specifics of someone's riding and what they own. It's a gift that's both thoughtful and useful and as bonus, good tools last a long time so your gift is going to see years of use. 

PB Swiss Hex tool set

(Image credit: PB Swiss)

PB Swiss Tools rainbow hex keys

Top of the line tools that will last the test of time

Price: $115 / £75

The perfect combination of nice but not necessary
Built to last a lifetime

PB Swiss hex wrenches are precision machined and color-coded to easily see what size they are. Perfect for anyone with a bike. They are manufactured to a high tolerance to avoid rounding off bolts and they'll last a lifetime. It's a luxury item that doesn't cost a fortune and even if they already have hex wrenches, these are better.

Park Tools Heavy Duty Shop Apron

(Image credit: Park Tools)

Park Tool Heavy Duty Shop Apron

Working on bikes is messy business

Price: $29.95 / £37.99

No sizes to worry about

Anyone who does their own bike maintenance has had the experience of ruining a favorite shirt with grease. Park Tools makes this heavy-duty apron from durable cotton canvas and has pockets for essential tools. It's not an expensive purchase and you don't have to worry about getting the right size making it an easy, and thoughtful, gift.  

Park Tool AK5 Advanced Mechanic Tool Kit

(Image credit: Park Tools)

Park Tool AK5 Advanced Mechanic Tool Kit

High-quality tools with enough range that most people will never need more

Price: $299.99 / £216.46

Includes a useful guide to working on bikes

Park Tools is the standard for high-quality tools and this way you get a complete set. If someone is brand new to bikes this is a great way to make sure they have everything needed for doing their own maintenance. At the same time, if someone is an old hand at working on bikes this replaces all their old, mismatched, tools at once.  

Muc-Off Bicycle Pressure Washer Bundle

(Image credit: Muc-Off)

Muc-Off Bicycle Pressure Washer Bundle

A clean bike is a happy bike and Muc-Off knows how to get bikes clean

Price: $309.99 / £174.99

The products you need for cleaning every part of a bike
Pressure washer is bike safe

There's no faster way to get a bike clean than a pressure washer but not all pressure washers are safe for bikes. Muc-Off makes the products that help dirt, grime, and grease slide right off then packages them with a bike safe pressure washer. This is a neat and tidy package with everything a mountain biker needs to keep a bike clean after a muddy ride. 

Topeak Joe Blow Booster Floor Pump

(Image credit: Topeak)

Topeak Joe Blow Booster Floor Pump

A sensible floor pump that doesn’t cost a fortune and works better than most

Price: $169.95 / £159.99

Tubeless burst tank
Super secure attachment to the valve

Everyone needs a floor pump and the Topeak Joe Blow Booster Floor Pump checks all the boxes. It's easy to attach to the valve and secure once it's there. It works as a regular pump to quickly top up tires before every ride and has a pressure chamber too, which makes the chore of seating tubeless tires effortless. It's also one of those products that's sensibly built and doesn't cost more than it needs to.  

Off the Bike Ideas

Cyclists of all kinds are picky about their bike-related purchases and getting the right thing takes some understanding. A different way to approach the problem is to get something that's more of a lifestyle purchase. It's not directly related to the bike but it could be a hit for anyone who rides a bike.  

De'Longhi 3-in-1 Specialty Coffee Brewer

(Image credit: Delonghi)

De'Longhi 3-in-1 Specialty Coffee Brewer

Makes amazing coffee without being fussy or overly expensive

Price: $159.95 / £169.99

It doesn’t cost a fortune
It’s not complicated and it makes great coffee

Cycling has long had an association with coffee. Mountain bikers aren't likely to see a coffee shop to stop at in the backcountry but good coffee is no less important. An automated pour-over machine allows for amazing coffee that's fast, inexpensive, and packs well on the drive to the mountains.  

Baratza virtuoso+ coffee grinder

(Image credit: Baratza)

Baratza virtuoso+ coffee grinder

The single most important coffee related purchase is the grinder

Price: $249.95 / £207.50

The timer lets you dial in the exact amount of coffee
Multi-purpose grinding range

There's absolutely nothing that is more important to the taste of a cup of coffee than a good grind. It's a purchase that will far outlast the specific coffee maker and the Baratza Virtuosa plus has enough range in settings that it's flexible for different coffee styles. Dial-in the size wanted then set the timer for the same grind every morning. 

Luxu 20oz Pint Glasses

(Image credit: Luxu)

Luxu 20oz Pint Glasses

Beer and cycling are as tight as coffee and cycling

Price: $13.98 / £22.10

Inexpensive and high quality
Enough room without feeling oversized and heavy

Beer and cycling have almost as much history as coffee and cycling. At the end of a hard ride there's nothing like a great beer. It's carb replacement, right? The Luxu 20oz pint glasses don't cost much but they are well made and big enough for a high-quality beer without feeling over-sized.  

ReCycle & BiCycle cuff links

(Image credit: ReCycle & BiCycle)

A subtle nod to a favorite pastime

Price: $21.10 / £16.00

Recycled materials
Available in bronze, silver and gold

Cuff links offer a small, and subtle, way to add a bit of personality when a cyclist needs to dress up. It doesn't call too much attention but it's still a statement about the wearer's love for being on a bike. In this case, it's also a way to recycle. Starting with used chain links means these cufflinks offer a second chance at life for worn parts that would otherwise go to scrap.  

Alchemy Goods Ballard recycled bike tube belt

(Image credit: Alchemy Goods)

Alchemy Goods Ballard Belt

A unique way to signal a love for bikes without needing to be fancy

Price: $42 / £37.38

Recycled materials
Incredibly strong

Just like cuff-links, a belt is a great way to show off a love for bikes in a subtle way. The Alchemy Goods Ballard belt uses recycled innertubes to make a crazy strong belt that should last a very long time. It's not fancy but it's a real conversation starter. 

On the Bike Ideas

If you are picking out a gift for yourself, or you know a mountain biker well, then the right on the bike gift is something that's sure to see use. Mountain biking is tough on equipment and there's always a new thing to get. Here's a few ideas that will make for happier rides. 

Rapha Trail Hip Pack

(Image credit: Rapha)

Rapha Trail Hip Pack

Stylish and high on useability with room for all the necessities for every ride

Price: $80 / £60

Recycled materials
Room for two water bottles

For those that prefer not to carry a backpack, a hip pack is the next best thing. The Rapha Trail Hip Pack uses a durable ripstop nylon fabric that comes from recycled materials. It's got 3 liters of space and two external pockets work for carrying water bottles if your frame doesn't have the room. 

Gloworm XSV G2.0 mountain bike front light

(Image credit: Gloworm)

Gloworm XSV G2.0

Excellent power with bombproof construction and changeable lenses

Price: $389 / £305

Customizable via an app
Swap the lenses for the perfect light

If you’re looking for a super versatile and very durable light for serious mountain bike use then New Zealand brand Gloworm is awesome. The XSV is the most powerful light in the range with three LEDs giving up to 3600 lumens of output. There's an app to adjust what the three power settings are and it comes with a bar-mounted remote plus extra lens options. 

We were so impressed with the performance we awarded five stars to the Gloworm G2.0 XSV when we reviewed it.

Topeak Ratchet Rocket Lite DX+

(Image credit: Topeak )

Topeak Ratchet Rocket Lite DX+

One of the best multi-tools around for all types of riding

Price: $52.95 / £36.99

Fully comprehensive tool selection
Easier access and extended leverage
Workshop quality and calmness in your pocket

Topeak's Ratchet Rocket Lite DX+ might be a little more expensive than many other 'swiss-army' style multi-tools but we think it's worth the extra outlay as the ratchet feature makes it one of the best multi-tools we have ever used. The Ratchet Rocket comes with all the normal tools you need out on the trails, plus as it has a ratchet it can easily get all those hard-to-reach bolts for quick hassle-free adjustments. Topeak does other versions of the Ratchet Rocket too with different tools and even torque gauges.

Check out our full five star review of the Topeak's Ratchet Rocket Lite DX+ for more details.

One Up EDC steerer tube multitool

(Image credit: One Up)

Oneup EDC V2 tool

Always make sure you have your tools when you need them

Price: $40 / £36

Colors to match your bike

No one ever wants to be without their multi-tool when it's needed on the trail but space on a mountain bike is at a premium. The OneUp EDC uses the space in the stem/steerer tube to store tools and it's even available in a range of eight colors to perfectly match the bike it's going in. 

The EDC tool can be fitted in two ways, there is a threaded version that involves some DIY thread cutting to the steerer, or One Up sell a nifty threadless carrier that replaces the star nut and is much easier to fit.

Wolf Tooth Pack Pliers

(Image credit: Wolf Tooth)

Wolf Tooth Pack Pliers

A tiny tool that can be the difference between walking and riding

Price: $45 / £36

Neat design
Unique features

Most mountain bikers will already have a multi-tool, and if they don't check out our best mountain biking multi-tool guide for the best options. However, there are a few functions that are rarely found even on the comprehensive multi-tools. This is where Wolf Tooth's pliers come in, featuring master link pliers, Presta valve core remover, valve stem lock nut wrench, tire levers and a space to store a spare master link.

Dynaplug Tubeless Tire Repair Kit

(Image credit: Dynaplug)

Dynaplug PRO Aluminum Tubeless Tire Repair Tool Kit

Keep it handy, use it quick, and it will get a tire sealed before air has even been lost

Price: $59.99 / £59.95

It works really well
Case gives leverage to push against tire

When it comes to tubeless tire repair options there are a lot of options. Dynaplug is not the cheapest but it works when others fail. In many cases, if it's used quickly the tire won't even need air added. All of the various Dynaplug options work the same but this case means there's leverage to push through a small hole in a heavy mountain bike tire. 

Clothing Ideas

Anyone who's ever bought clothes for someone knows it's one of the trickier gifts. It can also be one of the most loved. Choose well and the mountain biker in your life will not only have the clothes that perform best but also look great on the trail. We've grabbed a couple of options that are sure to bring a smile to an avid mountain biker. 

POC Devour Cycling glasses

(Image credit: POC)

POC Devour Sunglasses

Super-stylish and incredibly well designed

Price: $250 / £220

Exceptional clarity and eye coverage
Hydrophobic, scratch-resistant lens

Goggle-style sunglasses are absolutely the most on-trend designs right now. The bigger the better and there might not be any that are bigger than the POC Devour glasses. The lenses are easy to swap too. There are lenses that help trail features pop, clear lenses for night riding, and even road-specific lenses so one pair of glasses can do double duty. 

Pearl Izumi Rove Long Sleeve Top

(Image credit: Pearl Izumi)

Pearl Izumi Rove Long Sleeve Top

Bike specific features and a style that works just as well on or off the bike

Price: $80 / £59.99

Slight drop tail
Feels like flannel wicks like a jersey

It's incredibly freeing to just jump on a bike and hit the trails without feeling like it's an event and Pearl Izumi is the master of dual-natured clothing. The Rove Long Sleeve shirt has a slight drop tail and it wicks like a jersey but it doesn't look out of place off the bike. 

Swiftwick cycling socks

(Image credit: Swiftwick)

Swiftwick Vision Six

The perfect amount of compression paired with stylish designs

Price: $19.99 / £22.72

Higher compression than most socks
Lots of design and a great height

The right sock sets a rider's whole mood on the bike. They feel great and they look great. Swiftwick makes all its socks in the US with a focus on using the most sustainable practices possible. What really sets them apart though is just the right amount of compression. Not so much that they are uncomfortable but a little more than usual.  

Shimano XC7 SPD

(Image credit: Shimano)

Shimano XC7 SPD

An exquisitely designed mountain bike shoe with the performance cred to match

Price: $225 / £180

Good retention system
Good looks

The Shimano XC7 MTB shoes feature a full Michelin rubber outsole for better grip and added comfort. For retention, there is a pair of fast and precise Boa L6 dials and there's extended cleat mounting to make setup easier. They come in a black to silver fade or the gorgeous red color above. 

Bontrager Flatline mountain bike shoe

(Image credit: Bontrager )

Bontrager Flatline

Perfect for the mountain biker who prefers flat shoes

Price: $130.00 / £145.00

Weather-resistant upper
Super-sticky sole

Some people prefer flat shoes for mountain biking. Bontrager’s Flatline is one of our favorite flat pedal shoes on the market. The shoes use Vibram's stickiest rubber compound, MegaGrip, so your feet won't be going anywhere anytime soon. A shallow EVA-backed sole gives just the right amount of flex for a communicative connection to the pedals.  

For more details check out our Bontrager Flatline MTB shoe review.

Electronics for the bike

Just like every aspect of modern life, today's cycling is all about electronics. This is the tech that lets the rider track the riding they do, save their memories, show off for friends and family, and even helps them know where to go. As long as you are shopping for a mountain biker who loves gadgets these are tough gifts to mess up so shop with confidence.  

Aftershokz Aeropex bone conduction headphones

(Image credit: Aftershokz)

Aftershokz Aeropex Headphones

Bone conduction lets a rider stay aware of surroundings while adding a soundtrack

Price: $159.99 / £149.99

Your ears remain open
Long battery life

The trails have a soundtrack of their own but sometimes it's nice to add to that. With the Aftershokz Aeropex the bone conduction technology means a rider can still hear everything around them alongside their music. The design also means there's no way these are coming off no matter what the trail brings. 

GoPro Hero 10

(Image credit: GoPro)

GoPro Hero 10 Black

The best way to turn epic rides into epic videos you can share

Price: $499.99 / £479.99

If you can think of a mount option it’s available
Hypersmooth turns the roughest trails into beautiful flowing video

GoPro is the standard when it comes to sharing videos of exploits on the trails. There are accessories for mounting in every possible way and this year saw the Hero 10 get introduced as a small upgrade to the Hero 9. There are no major changes but small upgrades bring better quality and a new version of the Hypersmooth technology that makes footage from the roughest trails look great. 

Garmin Edge 530 bike computer

(Image credit: Garmin)

Garmin Edge 530

High quality maps provide navigation even when far from mobile phone coverage

Price: $299.99 / £259.99

MTB bike specific metrics
Trailforks integration

Garmin computers are incredibly capable and feature a range of mountain bike-specific tracking and navigation. The 530 hits the sweet spot of price vs performance and size that makes it a great buy. It still has access to the features you need but the price is lower and it's easier to mount in a more protected location. 

If you want to more details, be sure to read our Garmin Edge 530 review.

Insta360 Go 2

(Image credit: Insta360)

Insta360 Go 2

Small, light, and simple to use

Price: $299.99 / £279.99


GoPro, and Insta360, offer full-size action cameras that have every feature imaginable but sometimes that makes things harder. The Go 2 is a tiny camera that lets you shoot quick clips with the press of a button. The video is easier to edit and the small size of the camera makes it super durable plus easy to mount.  

Strava year long subscription

(Image credit: Strava)

One Year Strava Subscription

If it’s not on Strava it didn’t happen

Price: $59.99 / £47.99

Keeps giving for the whole year
If they already subscribe it extends their subscription

The joke is that if it's not on Strava it didn't happen. You don't actually have to pay for Strava to get that experience but giving a gift of Strava does add some extras. The personal heatmap is a great way of finding new places to ride and maybe the most important paid feature is the ability to compare times between Strava followers.  

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