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Peaty’s Products lube, cleaner and tubeless range overview

Peaty's Products
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Steve Peat and the other guys at Peaty’s Products are now several years deep into the expansion and evolution of their product range. While not everything has gone according to plan their excellent bike care family - particularly cleaning and lubing gear - has proved they’re much more than just a generic branding exercise by the legendary UK downhiller.

Peaty’s Products range

Peaty's Products Link Lube All Weather

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A combined oil and wax mixture effective in mixed conditions

Size: 60ml and 120ml | Price: £7.99 and £11.99

Performance in a wide range of conditions
Twist nose applicator bottle
Remember to shake the bottle before applying

Link Lube All Weather is very obviously a two-part mix that settles out separately if left for a bit so make sure you shake it up to blend ‘Peaty’s Secret Sauce’ right before application. By combining both oil and wax together it lasts really well in mixed - or downright horrible - conditions without attracting too much dirt if it turns out better than expected. It actually has a self-cleaning effect on the chain too, so it works really well for topping up on epic days where you can’t fully clean between applications. The twist nose applicator bottle makes accurate dosing really easy too and pricing is good, but like all lubes, applying to a properly clean drivetrain will always get the best results.  

Peaty's Products Link Lube Dry

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Long lasting lube for dry conditions

Size: 60ml and 120ml | Price: £7.99 and £11.99

Doesn't attract grit and dust
Twist nose applicator bottle
Remember to shake the bottle before applying

As you’d expect Link Lube Dry is designed for dusty conditions when the slightly tacky All Weather can get gummed up. You need to shake it up to get the right mix and then the water-based emulsion visually evaporates (how long that takes depends on temp) from pale blue to clear leaving the wax lubricant where it needs to be but leaving nothing to attract dust. As long as it’s mostly dry it lasts really well too, staying smooth and silent on a shiny transmission for a big day’s ride on-road and off. You get the same excellent twist nose applicator bottle as All Weather and pricing is decent too. 

Peaty's Products Loam Foam cleaner

(Image credit: Peaty's Products)

Peaty's Loam Foam cleaner

Quick and effective cleaner leaves no excuses for having a dirty bike

Size: 1L and 5L | Price: £10 and £30

Safe on all finishes
Available in concentrate for better value
Two spray versions
Minty fresh

Loam Foam is Peaty’s all-purpose cleaner and it’s currently our favourite bike wash booster. The nozzle on the spray bottle can be twisted between foamy and conventional spray and organic gelling agents keep the cleaning elements doing their job until you rinse off after a few minutes. Despite less than 5% surfactant content, it does a great job of cleaning. Safe for painted, matt or raw frames as well as carbon components and tyres and you’ll only need a brush to help with properly dried on muck. It generally rinses off shiny and streak-free, it doesn’t fade components and it smells minty too which makes cleaning your bike that bit more pleasant. 

Pricing is good and even better if you get 1l of concentrate which is £19.99 and makes 5l of cleaner or the starter pack which comes with cleaner and concentrate for £26.99.

Peaty's Products Foaming drivetrain degreaser

(Image credit: Peaty's Products)

Peaty's Foaming drivetrain degreaser

Cuts through grease for a shiney drivetrain in no time

Size: 500ml and 1L | Price: £10 and £15

Spray on and rinse off results

Another big favourite from the Peaty’s range, the foaming degreaser uses the same trigger head as the Loam Foam and it also smells really nice too. The foaming action visibly lifts grease and grime off your drivetrain and after a couple of minutes chain spinning up and down the gears you can rinse off to reveal an impressively clean result. You’ll still need to get a brush/cloth involved if you’ve really neglected your gears but either way it’s noticeably better than the majority of drivetrain cleaning products we’ve used. 

Peaty's Products Tubeless sealant

(Image credit: Peaty's Products)

Peaty's Tubeless sealant

Performance has been improved and its easy to clean and not awful to the enviroment

Size: 120ml, 500ml, 1L and 5L | Price: £7.99, £19.99, £29.99 and 124.99

Environmentally friendly
Long lasting
Not as effective plugging larger holes

Tubeless sealant has proved one of the hardest things to get right and the damage done by early ‘problem’ batches of Peaty’s sealant still hang over the reputation of the current mix. The latex-based mix still isn’t a guaranteed gash healer compared to the best in class but it’s an effective hiss stopper in most situations. It’s not bothered by excessive cold or heat or fat bike or road bike tyre pressures either. The lack of ammonia, easy rinsing out with water, long life in a wide range of climates and biodegradable, responsibly sourced hardwood cellulose glitter and other contents also make it one of the kindest solutions for the planet. It smells OK too so while spillages are glittery they don’t stink and they’re easily cleaned up. 

Peaty's Products X Chris King tubeless valves

(Image credit: Peaty's Products)

Peaty’s X Chris King tubeless valves

Perfectly coordinated valves to match your Chris King hubs

Colours: 10 | Sizes: 40mm and 60mm | Price: £22.50

Perfect colour coding to Chris King hubs
Handy built-in valve core tool

Peaty’s have hooked up with hub legends Chris King for their range of 10 anodised colours. The conical rubber seal works with all rims and the valve caps have built-in core removal tools. The valves also come in 42 or 60mm lengths and the robust 7075 alloy construction means Peaty’s Products cover them with a lifetime warranty which makes the price a great investment. 

Peaty's Products x Fidlock bottle

(Image credit: Peaty's Products)

Peaty’s x Fidlock bottle

Snap on and off bottle held in place with magnets

Size: 600ml | Price: £29.99

Perfect for frames with limited bottle space
Quick on and off action
Very secure
Expensive for a water bottle

£30 is a lot to pay for a water bottle but the Fidlock system is ace, particularly if you like a clean frame or have a weird bottle mount position. That’s because the bottle twist locks into a low profile shoe that contains strong neodymium magnets to hold it in place. The result is a set up that we’ve completely failed to dislodge even on the roughest trails with horizontal under top tube mounts. The bottle half of the mount doesn’t get in the way of bottle squeezing and easy drinking like some frame mount systems can either. As for the cost, you’re not paying anything extra to have Peaty’s name on it either.

 Other bits 

As well as this headline kit Peaty’s are constantly increasing their range. Products we’ve not tried yet are the Marsh Guard fork fender, XXX solvent degreaser, disc cleaner, rim tape, protect and shine spray and PT17 maintenance spray. There are various stylish bits of clobber and hats, Peaty’s stickers and even hand-roasted Peaty’s Roost N’ Grind coffee. Expect to see more specific lubing and cleaning products plus other gear coming soon too.


Steve and his team of product developers have clearly put - and continue to put - a huge amount of time and effort into creating and evolving the Peaty’s Products range. The lubes are among the best we’ve used and the cleaners and tubeless valves are the best we’ve used. There’s still some work to do to on the sealant to match the market leaders in terms of puncture plugging but it’s very user friendly from a temperature, lifespan and cleaning point of view. The whole range - including packaging - goes big on being as eco friendly as possible too so you can keep your bike working and looking better with a cleaner conscience as well. Detailing like the nozzles and applicators are excellent too and pricing is keen as well, especially if you use the concentrate options.

Guy Kesteven
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