4iiii’s latest firmware update optimizes its Precision Three Power Meter for mountain bike and gravel riding

Close up of a 4iiii power meter on a gravel bike
4iiii’s latest firmware update optimizes its Precision 3 for accurate mountain bike and gravel riding (Image credit: 4iiii)

Based in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies, 4iiii is dedicated to unlocking rider potential with its range of training tools that include the best power meters, heart rate monitors, and cycling trainers for the outdoor and indoor cycling markets. 4iiii aims to be the leader in power-driven cycling performance and has announced its latest firmware update to its Precision 3 Power Meter, which the brands say has been specifically developed to guarantee optimal performance and accuracy across any riding surface from fast gravel bike riding to techie mountain bike trails.

Precision 3 still retains its key features which include its extremely low profile, 800-hour battery life, and renowned stellar accuracy, but now adds Gyroscope and more responsive cadence and power output. 4iiii adds that they have redefined the cadence algorithm, the sensors used, and when they are used to develop its 1.2.0 Realtime Terrain Auto-Optimizing Firmware update, which they say performs accurately on any riding surface.

Mountain biker using the 4iiii precision power meter

4iiii says the new update will improve accuracy on all surfaces (Image credit: 4iiii)

By combining the use of the existing accelerometer and gyroscope the exceptional battery life is retained, with the gyroscope only being used on rougher terrain which extends battery life, but also improves the all-important cadence reliability measurement required for pedal and crank-based power meters, that 4iiii says will give buttery smooth power measurement across all surfaces.

Phil White, President, and CEO added “We’re committed to disrupting every part of the cycling experience we touch, with this update, we’ll be able to integrate features powered by our patented 3D power meter system and machine learning without decreasing long battery life and the precision for which 4iiii is known. In addition to these features, we also see this firmware as a way to start to treat power meters as tech platforms for cyclists. Innovations like this will allow us to further unlock a rider’s potential with simplified training tools.“

The firmware update 1.2.0 is available now for all Precision 3 owners via the 4iiii app. 4iiii power meters and more details on the specifics of the firmware, testing processes, and future innovations can be found at www.4iiii.com

Close up on 4iiii power meter

Precision 3 update is available now via the 4iiii app (Image credit: 4iiii)
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