Aero cycling socks really do exist and Cycology have just launched some very cool looking designs

Cycology aero socks
(Image credit: Cycology)

Tiny aero gains and losses are much more likely to be of a concern to our roadie comrades, though of course, we off-road riders like going faster for free too. While regularly scraping clods of mud from your ankles is much more likely to be of aero benefit than a smooth pair of erect socks, this new range from Cyclology could adorn your ankles with some very cool looking artwork.

The nine sock aero collection are typical of Cycology's style and printed onto two part, mid length socks. The section encapsulating the foot is designed for comfort and breathability, while the upper section aims to be light yet compressive and to stay upright. A reflective and reinforced seam runs down the back of the upper section.

The aero socks come in one size only, while jerseys and technical t-shirts are available to match.

Here's our pick of the best looking designs...

Cycology Rocknroll aero socks

'Rocknroll' (Image credit: Cycology)

Cycology Wisdom aero socks

'Wisdom' (Image credit: Cycology)

Cycology Life Behind Bars aero socks

'Life Behind Bars' (Image credit: Cycology)

Cycology Secret Garden socks

'Secret Garden' (Image credit: Cycology)

Cycology Bike Graffiti socks

'Bike Graffiti' (Image credit: Cycology)

The new aero socks are available now from (opens in new tab) in the US, UK, EU and Australia, costing $25.95 / £20.00 / €24.90 / AU$25.95 a pair.

If you fancy some more sock suggestions, you might want to check out our guide to the best cycling socks.

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