American Classic's new MTB tire range aims to combine performance with low prices

American Classic mountain bike tires
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American Classic is best known from its past life as a wheel manufacturer. It closed to doors only to return after a short hiatus with a range of direct-to-consumer gravel and road tires and now it's entering the best mountain bike tire with a brand new range of tires.

The range features four tread patterns and three casing options that cover downcountry, trail, and enduro riding. Most significantly though is the pricing, which starts at a very competitive $45 / £35.50 and tops out at $50 / £39.95. That's considerably cheaper than a lot of the other tires on the market from the likes of Maxxis and Schwalbe, for example Maxxis' newly released Forekaster downcountry tire retails for almost double that.

There are three tire constructions in the range. The Stage EN Armor (enduro), uses a two-ply 120 TPI casing with a triple tread compound, and Stage TR Armor (trail) has a two-ply 60 TPI casing with a dual tread compound. The third Stage TR-L Armor is a lighter-weight version of the TR (trail) construction, and is intended for aggressive cross-country riding. Stage TR-L Armor is a 1.5-ply 60TPI casing with American Classic’s Rubberforce G compound.

American Classic Mauka mountain bike tires

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American Classic Mauka 

This is the downcountry-specific tire that is only available in a 29x2.4in size. It uses American Classic's Rubberforce G compound that's also used on its gravel tires, like the American Classic Krumbein.

It has a low profile center tread lined with blockier shoulders which should offer a balance of fast rolling performance and cornering traction. As it's intended for aggressive cross-country and downcountry, the weight is kept low with the tire coming in at a claimed 830g.

American Classic Vulcanite mountain bike tires

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American Classic Vulcanite

The Vulcanite is a front or rear tire designed for all-round trail riding. It comes in either 29x2.5in or 27.5x2.5in sizes and is available in either the trail or enduro casings. American Classic says that the semi-open tread design sheds dirt and the tall knobs have been sipped and ramped in order to balance hard pack and loose performance. Weights are claimed to be between 1010g and 1230g depending on spec.

American Classic Tectonite mountain bike tires

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American Classic Tectonite

The Tectonite is a front-specific tire that comes in a 2.5in width for 27.5in or 29in wheels. The tread uses a range of different block shapes which American Classic says provides reliable and consistent cornering. Weights range between 1010g to 1230g depending on the casing and tire size

American Classic Basanite mountain bike tires

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American Classic Basanite

The Basanite is the matching rear-specific tire to the Tectonite. It's a little smaller at 2.4in and as with the equivalent front tire, comes in either 27.5 or 29er wheel sizes as well as enduro or trail casing. It unsurprisingly has a broader tread pattern in order to hook up better under hard braking, although this is heavily ramped presumably to boost rolling speed. It shares the same shoulder knobs as the Tectonic for even cornering performance too.

As we have mentioned already, the tires are keenly priced. The Mauka retails for $45 / £35.50, TR Armor trail construction costs $48 / £37.72, and EN Armor enduro tires will retail for $50 / £39.94. The tires are now available now from either or the company's Amazon store.

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