Argonaut launches the rowdy GR3 – a next-gen custom carbon gravel bike

Argonaut GR3 gravel bike
(Image credit: Argonaut)

After three years of design, testing and research, Argonaut is releasing their rowdy GR3 gravel bike, a next-gen custom carbon gravel bike. Argonaut say their GravelFirst Geometry allows them to push a new standard in customization, ride quality, and craftsmanship. 

Gravel riders on the Argonaut GR3

(Image credit: Argonaut)

"We are excited to introduce our new gravel bike, the GR3" said Erik Bergstrom, Marketing Director at Argonaut. "The development process for the GR3 has been long and intensive. Having watched the growth of the gravel segment of the bicycle industry over the past few years, with the release of the GR3 (Gravel Racer Three), we have continued to push the envelope of what is possible.

"The GravelFirst geometry is the foundation of the GR3. In general, [road] geometry hasn't altered much in the last 20 years, but on gravel bikes, the geometry is continuously evolving, frequently in unexpected directions. And at Argonaut, we want to lead the way in this.

"The GR3 is a huge leap forward in gravel bike design, addressing everything found on a typical “gravel” ride: a bit of road, a bit of smooth gravel, a bit of NOT smooth gravel, and a bit of singletrack."

Gravel riding

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The GR3 comes with ample tire clearance allowing riders to run up to a 50c tire. Along with an industry-leading 415mm long chainstay, Argonaut claims the bike will carve through every turn and the low 75mm bottom bracket drop with a slack 68.5-degree front end will allow you to fly downhill, skip over ruts, and rip through corners faster than you ever thought possible.

Close up of the GR3

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The GR3 is designed to be ridden fast and professional gravel racing is the ultimate testing ground due to the power, speeds, duration and harsh conditions found only on race day. The GR3 is already race-proven, with wins in some of the biggest events, as well as podium finishes. 

Argonaut rider Sarah Max can vouch for to the GR3’s capabilities as it helped her recently win the Belgian Waffle Ride. "The team at Argonaut came through for me and got me the GR3 in time for Unbound and BWR, and boy did it deliver! Not only did it help me win the BWR but also enhanced my descending abilities to the point I've seen multiple podiums and racked up numerous QOMs for downhill segments".

Gravel riders on the GR3

(Image credit: Argonaut)

While we'll admit to salivating over its looks, if the GR3 turns out to be half as good as the hype from Argonaut, this will be one seriously rapid and capable machine.

Every GR3 is made to order and prices start at $6,500 for the frameset. Current build times are around four months from the order date. Find out more at Argonaut Cycles.

GR3 in studio

(Image credit: Argonaut)
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