Automotive giant Ferodo brings its pedigree to the mountain bike and gravel brake world

Ferodo racing brake pads
(Image credit: Ferodo)

Ferodo is one of the most famous brands in the world of motorsport, having manufactured high-performance brake products for over 125 years which have been tested on racetracks at a world-class level. They have now applied all the Ferodo know-how to develop a new range of what they hope will challenge to be the best mountain bike, gravel and road brake pads, discs and fluids.

Utilizing in-house research and development laboratories has allowed Ferodo to simulate numerous braking scenarios – from tough mountain bike trails to long road descents, making it possible to objectively measure how the brake components perform.

With the performance proven in the laboratory, various bike testing begins that includes mountain bikes and gravel bikes. The bikes are instrumented to record multiple parameters, such as deceleration, pressure, temperatures, and lever travel with the result being a range of brake products manufactured to the highest of standards.

Brake Pads

Ferodo brake pads in packaging

Ferodo brake pads are developed, tested and manufactured in its Spanish friction plant (Image credit: Windwave)

Ferodo aims to challenge the leading players like Shimano and SRAM with its MTB brake pads developed, tested and manufactured in its Spanish friction plant. The plant must pass stringent audits to be able to supply numerous high-profile OEM automotive platforms which should ensure its products are of the highest quality.

In both mountain biking and road cycling, braking has four stages. These are bite deceleration, modulation and release. Ferodo believes it is extremely important for brake pads to perform well across all four stages.

The first stage is ‘bite’. This describes how quickly the brake reaches its operating torque. A rider wants to feel the brakes ‘bite’ instantly when they pull the lever.

The second stage is ‘deceleration’. Most of the deceleration needs to be made in a straight line, because this is when the tyre has maximum grip. At this time, the rider wants the highest possible brake efficiency.

The third stage is ‘modulation’. In this phase, the principle requirement is the response of the lever, rather than the braking power.

The final stage is ‘release’. At the end of the braking event, when pressure is released, it’s important the brake disengages instantaneously so there is no residual brake input.

the four stages of braking on a bike

The four stages of braking (Image credit: Ferodo)

Brake discs

The new Ferodo brake discs

Ferodo brake discs come in both 6 bolt and centrelock fitments. (Image credit: Windwave)

Ferodo hope they have developed some the best MTB brake discs and they available for both mountain bike, gravel and road bikes, in both 6 bolt and centrelock fitments.

The mountain bike discs have a braking band design which balances performance, modulation, capability and weight. They are engineered to expel dirt, keeping the contact area clear in muddy conditions. The design promotes high airflow, reducing operating temperatures for increased braking performance.

Ferodo discs also have painted edges which not only makes them look fantastic, it also makes them more corrosion resistant which increases longevity. Reduced consumption being of high importance to the brand who have also developed packaging to minimize the use of plastic across the entire range.

Brake fluids

Ferodo brake fluids in bottle

Ferodo brake fluids come in two options (Image credit: Windwave)

Ferodo brake fluids are of Glycol-ether based composition. FBZ (DOT5.1) is suitable for general all-round use, while FSF (Superformula) has been developed for heavy-duty braking and so is the ideal solution for downhill racing. Ferodo adds thats these brake fluids are glycol-ether based composition, and should never be mixed with mineral oil brake fluids.

Pricing and availabilty

Brake pads, discs and fluids are all available now with pricing at £14.95 for the FM brake pads and £19.95 for the FE pads which are e-MTB specific. Brake discs range from £29.95 to £54.95, depending on size and mount option. Brake fluid pricing is TBC, with more information on the entire range available at Ferodo and Windwave.

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