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Bosch boosts motor torque with new software update

Bosch Performance Line CX software update
(Image credit: Bosch)

As part of Bosch’s 2021 range launch, they are releasing a software update for the Performance Line CX and Cargo Line motors which boosts torque capabilities by 10Nm to a maximum of 85Nm output.

This added torque will mark a significant improvement in acceleration as well as making uphill starts easier and benefitting performance at slow cadences - likely where the extra torque will be felt the most. 

By increasing the effective cadence range, technical or unexpected obstacles can be tackled with more power helping riders accelerate out of tight corners or deal with late gear shifts.

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It’s not just an increase in raw power, the update improves the way that the motor manages the power. New sensor and motor control refine the eMTB mode which applies progressive motor support based on pedal pressure from the rider, which is measured by the motor’s sensors 1000 times per second. Making the power output smoother provides a more dynamic and natural riding quality that should aid traction as well as a more precise application of power when needed.

As part of the eMTB mode, the new Extended Boost function will appeal to riders who find themselves short of a full pedal stroke on slow technical sections of trail. Initiated with a short kick action through the pedals, the motor will respond within a fraction of a second to deliver a burst of power, ideal for tackling steps, rocks and roots on the trail where it’s not possible to put in a full revolution of the cranks.

Luckily for riders that already have 2020 Performance Line CX equipped bikes, they will not need to wait till next year. Bosch is releasing the update this summer which can be installed by your local Bosch retailer. All new 2021 Bosch equipped bikes will come with the update already pre-installed.

Graham Cottingham

Graham Cottingham has mountain biking at his core. He can mostly be found bikepacking around Scotland or exploring the steep trails around the Tweed Valley. Not afraid of a challenge, Graham has gained a reputation for riding fixed gear bikes both too far and often in inappropriate places. Rides: Canyon Strive, Surly Karate Monkey, Surly Steamroller, Dolan Seta