Bosch reveals huge PowerTube 750Wh battery at Eurobike

Bosch product 2022
That PowerTube battery is 20% bigger than Bosch's 625Wh units (Image credit: Bosch)

Bosch, makers of some of the best e-MTB motors in the industry, has revealed a slew of great upgrades for 2022 at Eurobike. The German engineering conglomerate has invested in a new app, display screen and more energy-rich battery pack.

Like some of its e-MTB technology rivals, Bosch has recognized that riders want to access motor settings and have all the available information about system performance.

To serve the latest generation of Bosch e-MTB riders, this new app displays an array of information about range and battery health and allows for adjustability.

Riders can vary torque output and grades of assistance, too, if the standard factory settings are not quite what they desire. Bosch has also mentioned the potential of over-the-air updates via its app, but it is unclear what those would entail.

Bosch produc 2022

(Image credit: Bosch)

All the power

Beyond the new app, Bosch has also produced the e Kiox 300 display module. It features a high-contrast display and screen that will remain legible, even in direct sunlight.

The e Kiox 300 is customizable and should empower those various frame brands who buy into the Bosch mid-drive motor ecosystem, to create their own display interfaces. It has no physical buttons and is navigated by LED remote.

By far the most impressive part of Bosch’s 2022 product update is the PowerTube 750 battery pack, which should make its way onto the best e-MTBs fairly soon. As the name indicates, this new lithium-ion battery has 750Wh of capacity, making it significantly larger than Bosch’s previous 625Wh energy champ.

The PowerTube 750 battery weighs 9.7lb (4.4kg) and charging times are either six hours from 0-100% capacity or two hours for 0-50% capacity.

Although much of the new Bosch app and display unit might be aimed at enabling security and tracking for commuter or cargo e-bikes, the motor calibration features are handy for e-MTB riders.

And with some mountain bike companies now moving close to that 1kWh battery capacity rating, Bosch’s 750Wh PowerTube battery is right on-trend.

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