Canyon's brand new Performance MTB Flat Pedals aim to compete for the 'best flatties' crown

A Canyon flat pedal fitted to an e-MTB
(Image credit: Canyon)

Canyon have just released its new Performance MTB Flat Pedals – which is the German online-only brand's first foray into pedals of any kind. The new pedals launched today join an ever expanding range of branded Canyon gear and hardwear which includes clothing, mounts and small tools.

The freshly dropped Performance MTB Flat Pedals are the top of Canyon's three tier flat pedal tree and will be followed later in the year by two more equally snappily titled models – the nylon bodied Canyon MTB Flat Pedal and the Canyon Urban Flat Pedals designed to match the brand's city bike range.

A Canyon flat pedal in white

The pedals come in two color options – Stealthy Black and Flash White Raw (Image credit: Canyon)

While it doesn't provide any dimensions, Canyon says the new pedals have one of the largest surface areas around. The brand also claims to have hit the the sweet spot of grip, durability and stability with the Performance MTB pedals, so we're keen to put them to the test and see if they measure up to the best MTB flat pedals around.

The new model comes in two size options which correspond to EU shoe sizings (36-42 and 43-48) to better fit your feet. They're built around an alloy pedal body with structural steel axles and sealed bearings. 10 pins adorn each pedal face with taller, thinner pins front and rear with shorter, squatter pins to the sides. The faces also have knurled lines designed to give extra grip and, like most flats on the market, chamfered edges to deflect rock strikes. While many flat pedals are concave from front to back to enhance grip and pedal feel, Canyon say its new model has a bi-directional concave that runs from both front to back, and side to side. This aims to create a profile which is said to give riders an ‘inside’ the pedal rather than just on top feel.

A Canyon flat pedal being ridden

Two size options helpfully correspond to EU shoe measurements so will help give riders the best fit for them (Image credit: Canyon)

Following the pedal's release will come spare and longer pin sets as well as a full service kit including new bearings, seals, dust caps and specific tools needed for the job.

From what we've seen so far, these new pedals look and sound like they'll do the business and the price is certainly competitive. They definitely don't look like the slimmest pedals around though, so rock strikes and a raised center of gravity could be an issue. We've got a pair on the way though, so will pass on our findings once the pedals are fully tested.

A Canyon flat pedal on the ground

The smaller sized pedals have pins that are fitted with an 8mm hex key, while the larger ones use a 6mm key (Image credit: Canyon)

Canyon Performance MTB Flat Pedals pricing and availability

As well as two size options, Canyon's flat pedals are available in Stealthy Black and Flash White Raw colorways. They are on sale right now from for €99.95 (US and UK pricing TBC).

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