Canyon's new app looks to streamline bike ownership from setup to maintenance and more

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Canyon has just announced a new app that will give Canyon owners a one-stop shop resource covering almost every facet of Canyon bike ownership. Being a direct-to-consumer brand, Canyon customers don't have the support of a local bike shop when it comes to setting up a new bike. The Canyon app looks to fill that gap by creating a hub of useful resources.

Lionel Guicherd-Callin, Global Director Canyon Connected, explains the philosophy behind the app, “We made the Canyon App to simplify and streamline every step of owning and riding a Canyon, and to help riders get the most out of their bike – from day one, and for years to come. Thanks to a range of features that make every part of building up, riding, maintaining, and parking up their Canyon bike joyful and effortless.”

The app will launch with a number of features that will help Canyon customers set up and maintain their bikes, including step-by-step videos and guides for bike unboxing and assembly plus easy-to-understand maintenance guides using videos and tutorials for fixing common issues with tires, brakes, and chains. The app will also advise on how to look after your bike day to day as well as when and how to replace consumable parts.

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Unboxing, setup, and maintenance guides are aimed at simplifying bike ownership (Image credit: Canyon)

All these resources will be curated using a 'digital bike garage' which will allow users to save their Canyon model in the app and quickly access relevant content and specs when needed, including build and setup guides, specs, and frame measurements.

There will also be a GPS tracking feature that will launch with the new Spectral:ON, which Canyon has also announced details on the 2023 models of their Spectral:ON e-MTB range. This allows the app to pair with the bike and track its location in the unfortunate case that it's stolen.

Canyon app bike tracking feature

Canyon is integrating GPS tracking into their e-bikes to make recovering stolen bikes easier (Image credit: Canyon)

There will be further features that will be available shortly after release, Canyon will offer bike insurance through the app late-May and motivational content from Canyon’s pro riders should you need some encouragement to ride.

Canyon says that there are a lot more features in the pipeline too that will be unveiled over the coming months and years, although there are no hints as to what these could be as yet. As bikes are becoming increasingly more electronic though, the scope for app integration is huge, from ride tracking, motor settings, and even suspension tuning.

“With the app at launch, our aim is to provide riders with core features to help them with the most important thing: getting ready for their first ride. But make no mistake – there’s plenty more to come. We’re looking to add feature after feature at a rapid, consistent pace in the months to come", explains Leon Bij de Vaate, product owner of Canyon’s Connected app.

The Canyon app is available now for free from the Apple App Store and Google Play store, the app is compatible with Android 7.1 and Apple iOS 15 and newer.

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