Could HexaGO be an alternative to MIPS?

7.20 HexaGO
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Rotational impact crash protection has become a must for most riders. With concussion risk being a reality of mountain biking, a flood of research has been directed to reducing traumatic brain injuries.

There is a broad consensus that even mild crashes can damage the brain due to excess energy not being absorbed by a helmet. Impact protection liners inside the helmet have been tabled as the most deliverable solution to date and is featured in almost all the best mountain bike helmets on the market.

7.20 HexaGO

(Image credit: 7.20)

Thinking beyond MIPS

MIPS is dominating the market and is now available in nearly every helmet range, but what are the alternatives?

7.20 has pitched its HexaGO patented energy absorption liner from the Italian helmet brand as another option. It uses an elastomer honeycomb structure inside the helmet to reduce energy transfer to the brain during linear and rotational impacts.

Most of the 7.20 Awake’s design is conventional. It has a polycarbonate outer shell, an adjustable peak for managing sunlight and that handy magnetic Fidlock buckle, for fuss-free unclipping, even with gloved hands.

That HexaGO liner is where the innovation is present. It might look odd but allows for a generous amount of energy absorption – and great ventilation.

The 7.20 design team has constructed this trail and enduro helmet with no less than 32 ventilation ports. Those should keep you cool and comfortable on even the steepest climb, in sweltering conditions.

7.20 HexaGO

(Image credit: 7.20)

Promising data 

How good is it at reducing energy from impacts? Comparing 7.20’s own test results with the authoritative Folksam helmet safety survey conducted in Sweden, the Awake averages a 115g impact energy rating. This is 52% better than most of its rivals – using the Folksame test data.

The 7.20 Awake isn’t light when compared to the best half-shell helmet, at 499g. But it does claim very impressive EN crash safety standards and promises to run cool, even on a peak summer afternoon.

Available in two sizes – medium and large- the 7.20 Awake can be ordered in white, black, red, blue and yellow.

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