Could Lazer's new Chase KinetiCore be the most protective downhill MTB helmet available?

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(Image credit: Lazer)

Lazer has continued to roll out their KinetiCore helmet technology with the launch of a new downhill-specific full-face model – the Chase KinetiCore – which aims to be one of the best full-face helmets available.

Rather than straddling the line between full-face enduro and downhill like many other helmets these days, the Chase is fully DH-specific. Lazer says the model is the "first specified downhill helmet" to get five-star protection from Virginia Tech's testing labs. Though they also say that their Cage KinetiCore enduro model is the "first-ever 5-star rated full face helmet" from Virginia Tech too and we'd of course expect the DH model to give a greater level of protection given the increased forces involved.

Side view of a full-face mountain bike helmet

Style-wise, the Chase has a very similar look to Lazer's Cage enduro model (Image credit: Lazer)

While we've yet to get our hands on the Chase, it looks like a beefed-up version of the brand's Cage model. The lines are very similar, but the Chase has less venting, additional padding, a face grid on the chin bar, and weighs 170g more at 990g – which is fairly spritely for a DH-specific lid.

Both models feature a fixed peak designed to break away in the event of a crash – which is something Lazer says results in less rotational force to the head when compared to an adjustable vizor.

Lazer's in-house KinetiCore tech also features across both helmets. It's designed to improve the impact-absorbing properties of a helmet's EPS foam core, by introducing shapes and cutouts which are designed to crush and shear on impact to better protect the head.

The front of a full-face mountain bike helmet

The Chase features supportive padding and a face protecting chin bar grid (Image credit: Lazer)

One of our testers recently put this to the test in a hefty crash in which he landed head-first off a large jump while wearing a Cage KinetiCore. While his body was bruised and battered, his head was basically uninjured. The helmet itself was pretty beaten up and while we'll never know how he would have fared in another helmet, he's convinced the KinetiCore interior played a major part in keeping his bonce safe.

Pricing for the Chase $199,99 / €199,99 / £TBC, it's available in six different colorways and five sizes from XS to XL. For more information head over to

Tech specs: Lazer Chase KinetiCore

  • Price: $199,99 / €199,99 / £TBC
  • Colors: Black, gray/black, black/green, black/purple, white/red, white/blue
  • Sizes: XS to XL
  • Weight: 990g
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