Could Wahoo's latest Kickr Move Trainer and lower priced Smart Bike revolutionize your indoor cycling?

Details of the new Wahoo Kickr Bike Shift
The new Wahoo Kickr Bike Shift (Image credit: Wahoo)

Founded in 2009 by Chip Hawkins in Atlanta, GA, Wahoo launched the first smart trainer for cyclists in 2013, the Kickr, and in 2016 they launched one of the best MTB GPS computers, the Elemnt. Wahoo has continued to grow with a host of innovative product launches including the Kickr Bike, which is arguably one of the best indoor bike simulators around. 

They have now unveiled two new products – the Kickr Move and the Kickr Bike Shift, both of these new products come with some exciting new features just in time for the dark winter nights that are quickly approaching. The Kickr Move becomes Wahoo's top-of-the-range smart turbo trainer, ahead of the Kickr V6, and comes with an all-new motion capability that aims to create a more natural ride feel and improve overall comfort.

The Kickr Bike Shift comes as a more affordable smart bike offering that sits beneath the Kickr Bike V2, built around a similar three-leg triangular base and single-tube frame design. With the indoor season just around the corner, we had a look at the two offerings from Wahoo to see what's new...

Details of the Wahoo Kickr Move movement

The Kickr Move has eight-inch of fore-aft movement (Image credit: Wahoo)

Wahoo Kickr Move

The big news for the Kickr Move is the eight-inch of fore-aft movement that the Wahoo says will deliver an entirely new dimension of ride feel allowing the user's bike to travel freely when powering through indoor rides and workouts. They add that allowing the bike to move more naturally will make for a more comfortable and realistic riding experience than ever before. 

The movement comes via a curved U-shaped track with a set of wheels inside that holds the upper portion of the trainer, and lets it slide back and forth. Additionally, it provides a slight degree of lateral movement, which complements the five degrees of movement already offered by the Kickr Axis feet that were introduced on the Kickr V5. According to Wahoo, this allows for unrestricted movement during exercise, decreases weariness, and enhances overall effectiveness with a claimed virtually silent operation.

Close up view of the Wahoo Kickr Move

The Kickr Move comes with a 11-speed SunRace 11-28T cassette (Image credit: Wahoo)

Specification on the Kickr Move remains much the same as the Kickr V6 launched in 2022, with the same Bluetooth, ANT+ and WiFi connectivity, as well as the direct wired connection available from the Kickr Direct Connect accessory. Wahoo also says the Kickr Move boasts power accuracy to within 1 percent, has a maximum resistance of 2,200 watts, and a simulated gradient range of -10 to 20 percent. 

Even with major groupset manufacturers now offering 12-speed groupsets, the Kickr Move ships with an 11-speed SunRace 11-28T cassette. The weight of the new model has also increased and comes in at a claimed 64lbs / 29kg, which is around 17lbs / 7kg heavier than its predecessor. Lengthwise, it has also grown to account for the sliding track, around 23 cm, and its legs fold out to around 5 cm wider to improve the stability of the extra weight.

The sliding track is also lockable via a large rocker switch situated in the middle of the trainer's three legs. This is said to make it easier to transport and mount the bike.

Side view details of the Wahoo Kickr Move

The sliding track can be locked by using a large rocker switch (Image credit: Wahoo)

Wahoo Kickr Bike Shift

As mentioned, the Wahoo Kickr Bike Shift becomes the brand's more affordable smart bike offering and sits under the Kickr Bike V2 in the range. It is built around a similar three-leg triangular base and single-tube frame design. The Kickr Bike Shift is made using steel rather than aluminum, like its expensive sibling. Wahoo says after taking onboard customer feedback the frame's main horizontal tube has now been made thinner.

The Wahoo Kickr Bike Shift weighs in at 2kg less, at a total of 40kg compared to Kickr Bike V2 and is belt-driven, offering a massive 2200 watts of resistance courtesy of an electromagnetic brake, and power measurement accuracy is claimed to be within 1 percent. 

Like the Kickr Move, connectivity comes via Bluetooth, ANT+ and WiFi as well as an ethernet port for the direct connect cable, but there is no Race Mode option on the new model.

Side details of the new Wahoo Kickr Bike Shift

A lower price point means the Kickr Bike Shift has lost a few features like its lack of tilt (Image credit: Wahoo)

It also retains key features such as Reality Shift and True Fit. Reality Shift, for example, allows you to match the gear ratios to those of your outdoor bike. This means you can have the same number of speeds and the same size sprockets indoors and out. True Fit is a five-way fit system similar to the original Kickr Bike with adjustable standover height, saddle setback and height, stack and reach.

With a lower price point the Kickr Bike Shift has lost a few features the more expensive model, mainly its lack of tilt, with the more expensive model being able to tilt to recreate gradients of -15 to 20 percent, whereas the Kickr Bike Shift model is fixed in its position. The LED display on the handlebar that showed current gear is also gone, as is the haptic feedback in shifting, which created a clunk in the bike's resistance to simulate a gear change.

Another change is the brake design, the Kickr Bike has a motor driving the flywheel forward while the new Kickr Bike Shift has electromagnetic resistance, using a higher-speed flywheel that they say simulates inertia and users to control changes extremely quickly, and it also claims to be super smooth and quiet.

Close up details of the new Wahoo Kickr Bike Shift

The Wahoo Kickr Bike Shift retains the True Fit five-way fit system (Image credit: Wahoo)

Pricing and availability

Both the Kickr Move and the Kickr Bike Shift are available now for purchase with the Kickr Move priced at $1,599.99 / £1,399.99 / €1,599.99. The Kickr Bike Shift is priced at $2,999.99 / £2,699.99 / €2,999.99, and will begin shipping in late September with more information available at

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