Cult UK brand Ragley overhauls its 2023 mountain bike range with all-new geometries

MTB rider on a Ragley hardtail
The Ragley range of hardtail MTB's sees a complete geometry update (Image credit: Ragley)

Ragley is a well-known British brand that specializes in producing some of the best hardtail mountain bikes renowned for producing some of the finest quality frames. For its 2023 models, Ragley has acknowledged that the bike industry has evolved, and as a result, has updated its entire range of mountain bike frames, jumping on board with the latest trends. This means that every bike in their collection has received a geometry update, which the brand says brings a much-needed improvement across the range.

Along with the entire range being improved, the models have also been made more rider and terrain-specific, giving riders the option to choose a frame that closer suits their needs and rider style. The new Marley 290 has been added to the range, in addition to the popular Marley 275, and both bikes have a geometry that is focused on making them a great choice in the best trail mountain bike category.

The Ragley Big Al MTB frame in white

The Ragley frames a renowned for build quality and finish (Image credit: Ragley)

The 27.5-inch frames of Ragley's Mmmbop and Blue Pig models and the 29-inch Big Al and Big Wig are designed specifically for the best enduro mountain bike riding and come with a more aggressive geometry update.

As mentioned the Ragley improvements to their bikes are aimed to enhance the ride quality across the MTB range, with the brand saying its bikes will have better pedaling, fit, and descending capabilities. These upgrades include shorter seat tube lengths, slacker head tube angles, steeper seat tube angles, longer wheelbase, and lower bottom brackets. The only bike that remains unchanged is the Trig gravel bike.

The Ragley Mmmbop frame in copper

The Mmmbop comes in a stunning copper finish (Image credit: Ragley)

The geometry numbers

Ragley says they haven't made the geometry changes just for the sake of it, and that all the changes are measured and considered, progressive without being absurd. They also add that the aim is to still make the best-performing frames that its loyal fanbase will love. Across the range, the seat tube lengths have been reduced by up to 30mm. The Big Al and Big Wig frames, which as mentioned are designed for trail riding, now have a longer reach of up to 25mm, and their seat tubes are now one degree steeper while their head tubes are two degrees slacker. Additionally, their bottom brackets have been lowered by 5mm.

The Blue Pig and Mmmbop enduro bikes have had the head tube angles slackened by 0.75 degrees and the bottom bracket heights lowered by 5mm. In addition, the reach is longer, up to 15mm and the seat tube angle is a degree steeper.

The new Marley 290 has the Big Wig geometry from last year's model with a 460mm reach on a large frame, a 75-degree seat tube angle, a 65-degree head tube angle, and a 435mm chainstay. The Marley 27.5-inch version gets a similar geometry but comes with a shorter each of 425mm and a bottom bracket drop.

The Ragley Marley 290 MTB frame in green

The Marley 290 is new for 2023 (Image credit: Ragley)

In a nutshell, Ragley has modernized its frames with what they say are sensible changes including shorter seat tube lengths, slacker head tube angles, steeper seat tube angles, longer wheelbases, longer head tubes, and lower bottom brackets with better frame proportions regardless of the wheel size across the range.

The popular Piglet will be sitting on the bench for 2023 with demand for 'the little piggie' dwindling. Ragley says it may return in the future in a possible new guise. 

Complete bikes for 2023 is another missing choice for this year with Ragley only offering frames on the 2023 models. The brand blames a post-pandemic supply chain hangover and aims to "reset the supply chain and manage current bike stock levels". So the dream build option on any of the new frames is the only choice with Ragley dealers potentially offering 2022 bikes at 'bargain' prices.

The purple colorway on the Ragley Bigwig MTB frame

Ragley Bigwig is designed for enduro riding (Image credit: Ragley)

Pricing and availability

The Marley 275/290, Mmmbop and Big Al frames are available now from and Ragley dealers with prices from £349.99.

The Big Wig, Blue Pig, and Trig are coming sometime in June priced from £349.99-£549.99 with the Trig gravel frame priced at £649.99.

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