Cush Core releases e-MTB-specific tire inserts to boost tire/rim protection and dampening

A e-MTBer scrubs a jump
(Image credit: Cush Core)

Cush Core makes a whole range of discipline-specific tire inserts catering to every tire from the best gravel bike tires to downhill MTB tires. Their new insert is designed specifically for e-MTBs and the added forces that are associated with e-MTB riding.

If you aren't aware of what a tire insert is, it's essentially a section of foam fitted within the tire that provides extra support to the side walls and protection from pinch punctures. They also dramatically change the tire feel as not only can you safely run lower pressures, but they also change the air volume within the tire and offer a dampening effect. High-end inserts like Cush Core also have the added benefit that you can still ride on a punctured tire, this is a massive advantage in gravity racing as you can still limp to the bottom of the descent without losing too much time but also helps protect the rim in a blowout situation where you might not be able to come to a stop immediately.

A detail render of the e-MTB specific insert

Fluted edges and channels show a lot of thought has gone into the design of these e-MTB specific inserts (Image credit: Cush Core)

The new e-MTB-specific Cush Core insert has some features that tailor it specifically to e-MTB bikes and riding. The larger profile and enhanced shape are better suited to heftier tire sizes to improve impact absorption and increase durability. That means lower tire pressures are possible for enhanced cornering, braking, and climbing traction.

Cush Core has also fluted the edges which they claim to offer a more progressive cornering feel and provide more support the harder you corner. The sides of the insert feature flow channels to allow air and sealant to better distribute around it. There is also a valve notch to allow the insert to sit properly against the rim bed.

A e-MTBer corners on a singletrack trail

Lower pressure and more damped ride feel help reduce trail chatter (Image credit: Cush Core)

The new inserts come in both 29 and 27.5-inch and weigh 299g and 281g respectively. While that's a fair chunk of weight to add to each wheel, on an e-MTB it's less noticeable with the motor assist. Cush Core recommends that the inserts are used on wheels with an internal diameter between 22mm and 35mm and will fit tires between 2.2in and 2.8in.

CushCore E-MTB inserts retail will retail at $160.00 / £169.99 for a set or $80.00 / £89.99 each and will be available in August 2023.

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