Cycling UK announces Rebellion Way, a long distance cycling route in Norfolk

Two cyclists riding along Rebellion Way.
(Image credit: Jordan Gibbons)

Whether you're a seasoned bikepacker or new to cycling, you can find several incredible bikepacking routes across the UK. Cycling UK, UK's cycling charity, have just announced the intention of launching another long-distance cycling route dubbed Rebellion Way in Norfolk. 

Following the success of Cantii Way, this new 228-mile route promises a tour of Norfolk. Starting and finishing in Norwich, this new long distance loop is due to open this October.

Three cyclists riding along Rebellion Way with moody skies.

Rebellion Way is suitable for anyone with reasonable fitness on the vast majority of bikes. (Image credit: Jordan Gibbons)

Rebellion Way follows a mix of country lanes, bridleways, byways, cycle paths and quiet ways. There are part of an ancient long-distance trails like Peddars Way and Bure Valley Path within this route, the latter being recently improved by Norfolk County Council.

The name of this route comes from two of Norfolk's most fascinating rebellions – those of Boudicca and Robert Kett. Boudicca led a revolt against Roman rule nearly 2000 years ago. The new route passes by the ancient settlement of Venta Icenorum, the capital of Boudicca’s Iceni tribe, along Boudicca Way, just out of Norwich. Kett's Rebellion was in response to land enclosure, beginning in Wymondham in July 1549. Kett was targeted by a group of rebels destroying fences erected by wealthy landowners, but he ended up joined forces with them. Under his leadership, 10,000 rebels marched on Norwich and took over the city.

Two cyclists riding along Rebellion Way

(Image credit: Jordan Gibbons)

The route passes through Norwich, King’s Lynn and Sandringham, along with some local delights including Castle Acre, Little Walsingham and Holkham, through huge forests and endless coastline. Renowned cycling journalist and route curator [he's also a key member of the Bike Perfect team – Ed] Guy Kesteven says, "The route is a wonderful mix of ancient rural roads and even older tracks. Joining the dots of a deep and fascinating history with delightful places to stop and stay every few miles, all laid out under breath-taking big skies full of bird song and less rain than anywhere else in the UK.”

Like the Cantii Way and West Kernow Way, this undertaking has been funded by the European Regional Development Fund’s EXPERIENCE project, and Cycling UK worked with local stakeholders to make sure the route shows the best of Norfolk.

Three cyclists riding along Rebellion Way on tarmac, along a house.

(Image credit: Jordan Gibbons)

It is estimated that about 1.23 million overnight cycling trips happen each year, benefitting small businesses and contributing £433m to the economy. This, along with Cycling UK's wider goal creating a network of long distance cycling route across the length and breadth of the UK means that Rebellion Way will be a great opportunity for enthusiastic cyclists to explore Norfolk as well as local businesses to flourish as a result of it. 

More information about this bikepacking route can be found on the Cycling UK website.

Map of Rebellion Way

(Image credit: Jordan Gibbons)
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