Delium releases new Adventure line of MTB tires

Delium Adventure
Delium has an Adventure tread and casing, for all trail types (Image credit: Delium)

Indonesia is a rubber-manufacturing powerhouse and Delium is one of its biggest tire makers. The company is now looking to establish a stronger presence in the best mountain bike tires market with four new casing designs. Product developers, design engineers and chemists at Delium has created four tread patterns for its new Adventure tire line.

For riders who want a large volume tire with low rolling resistance, there is the Fast Adventure. Available in 27.5- and 29-inch wheel sizes, with a 2.4in casing, the Fast Adventure has a 4mm centre tread block height and is designed for hard pack and dry terrain.

Two casings are available: all-round and light. The difference is 50g, with the light construction tire being 800g (27.5-inch) or 850g (29-inch). If you upgrade to an all-round casing, that becomes 950g (27.5-inch) or 990g (29-inch).

Delium's Steady Adventure offers the same sizes and weight classifications but a slightly larger centre tread block size, at 4.5mm. According to Delium, the Steady Adventure is targeted as an intermediate tire for mixed conditions, which should work well on the front of one of the best lightweight mountain bikes, and the rear of a trail or 'lite' enduro mountain bike.

Delium Adventure

(Image credit: Delium)

Bigger tread blocks with the 2.5-inch widths

If you prefer a tire that sacrifices rolling speed for grip, Delium offers two options in its new Adventure range. The Versatile Adventure features an aggressive tread pattern with 5.5mm tall centre blocks. Sizes are 27.5 x 2.5in or 29 x 2.5in.

If you want to go even more grippy, there is the Rugged Adventure. Offering the same sizes as Versatile, the Rugged has a 6mm tall centre tread and is targeted as a front tire for enduro and downhill mountain biking.

Both the Versatile and Rugged adventure tires have similar weight ratings. The 27.5in all-around casing is 950g, with an equivalent 29in tire at 990g. If you want the protection of a reinforced casing, that edges the tire weights up to 1,200g (27.5 x 2.5in) and 1,250g (29 x 2.5in).

If you like the look of these new Delium Adventure tires, you might love the pricing even more. The range starts at $35 for the lightest casing, becoming $45 for a mid-range protection carcass and peaking at $55 for the reinforced construction.

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