DT Swiss has refreshed its F 535 One fork with clever tech tweaks for trail riders

DT Swiss F 535 One fork on a bike
(Image credit: DT Swiss)

DT Swiss has just launched the new F 535 One fork at the Eurobike show. You may not be familiar with DT's forks, as like many suspension brands outside the top two, they don't get the coverage they deserve. DT Swiss is well known for its technical but reliable wheels, and its suspension offerings aim to continue that trend. The updated F 535 One is a good-looking fork and may well make its way into our best mountain bike forks list in the future.

The DT Swiss F 535 One on display at the Eurobike show

The DT Swiss F 535 One in the flesh at Eurobike (Image credit: Neal Hunt)

The updated model is aimed squarely at trail riders and incorporates some clever ideas not seen by other brands to help achieve the ideal ride. The F 535 One is available for 29-inch wheels only, with travel from 120mm up to 160mm. The fork carries over some of its tech from the previous range but now incorporates an updated damper and a clever air spring that incorporates a coil for the initial 30m. This is designed to give the ideal mix of small bump sensitivity with solid mid-stroke support so you don't blow through the travel on hard hits and mid-corner.

DT Swiss F 535 One fork with cut away internals

The new F 535 One fork has an updated Plushport damper  (Image credit: DT Swiss)

Small changes, reliable performance

The F 535 One has a new CSU (crown, steerer, and upper unit) with a short 44mm fork offset. It's a standard tapered steerer with 35mm stanchions, smaller than an enduro fork but it offers increased stiffness over the brand's XC-biased F 232 model. The lower legs are carried over from the previous generation, which cut a unique silhouette with an edgy, clean design. They come with a neat bolt-on fender and use DT’s own 15mm axle, which incorporates a ratchet design to make sure the lever is always in the right position. The non-drive side is neatly covered off, too, which accentuates the fork's stealthy clean appearance.

Coilpar spring on DT Swiss F 535 One fork

The Coilpar spring uses a coil for the first 30mm of travel to increase small bump sensitivity (Image credit: DT Swiss)

The F 535 uses a clever twist on the classic air spring design by using a coil spring for the first part of its travel which is referred to as Coilpar by DT Swiss. This helps to make the initial stroke very supple as a coil spring has a lot less stiction. The air spring is engaged after the first 30mm, which then helps the fork to become more progressive as it goes through its travel. This should give the ideal mix of a very responsive fork but one that gets steadily firmer as you go through the travel.

The three position damper dial of the DT Swiss F 535 One fork

The damper has a three-position dial that switches between open, firm and locked out  (Image credit: Neal Hunt)

The Plushport damper has been refined for the latest version. It still has a three-position switch to give you locked, firm, or fully open options. The damper is travel dependent. This means it alters the level of support as it moves through its travel. It's a clever system that utilizes a bypass valve, the idea being that in steep technical terrain, the fork will sit higher in its travel which makes your bike more predictable and easier to control, but its coil spring should keep it active enough to offer lots of grip.

We currently have a set on test, so keep an eye out for an upcoming review. Pricing starts at $1,149 / £1,049 / €1,149 and the forks are on sale now. For more information, check out DTSwiss.com.

DT Swiss F 535 One fork with fender attached

The F 535 One comes with an integrated fender (Image credit: DT Swiss)

Tech specs: DT Swiss F 535 One fork

  • Wheel size: 29" / 700C
  • Axle system: 15 x 110 mm
  • Travel: 120 / 130 / 140 / 150 / 160mm
  • Spring technology: Coilpar / Lineair
  • Damper: Incontrol  O.D.L. / Plushport
  • Stanchion diameter: 35mm 
  • Offset: 44mm
  • Weight: From 2090g  (claimed)
  • Price: From $1,149 / £1,049 / €1,149 
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