DT Swiss has updated its workhorse 350 gravel and road hub range

DT Swiss 350 hub detail
New DT Swiss 350 ratchet hub in its Shimano version (Image credit: DT Swiss)

The DT Swiss 350 hub is the brand’s mid-range offering and, in line with the mountain bike version, has had a recent update. It now features DT’s famously reliable ratchet system that can be found on many gravel bike wheels, including those from other manufacturers such as Reserve, Roval and FFWD who will be integrating the new hubs into their ranges for 2023.

DT Swiss 350 hub internals

The venerable ratchet system long used on the top-of-the-line hubs is now available in the 350 hubs (Image credit: DT Swiss)

Previous versions of the 350 hub range used a standard pawl system for the rear freehub mechanism, which was solid and easy to work on. A ratchet system, however, is more reliable because of the simultaneous engagement of the teeth on both drive plates, creating fewer point loads than a traditional three- or four-pawl system. It uses two plates that lock together when driving the hub forward. This system is patented by DT Swiss and has been around for a very long time, and has been proven to be one of the most reliable systems out there as well as having its own unique buzz – perfect if you're not a fan of super-loud clicking freehub bodies.

Various DT Swiss 350 hub ratchet rings

Here you can see the different ratchets available that offer differing engagements  (Image credit: DT Swiss)

Just like the rest of the range, the hub is easily pulled apart for cleaning and basic servicing. It also has easily changeable end caps, which helps make sure they fit most of the many axle standards out there, as well as future proofing any further wheel purchases. Replacement parts and different end caps are also readily available from the large support network of bike shops and service partners globally.

DT Swiss 350 hub cut away

This cut-away shot shows the simplistic elegance of a Swiss-engineered hub  (Image credit: DT Swiss)

The mountain bike range had already received this update in 2020, so it's great to see DT Swiss now bring the ratchet tech to the gravel community at a more budget-friendly end of the market too.

DT Swiss 350 hub on a table

The new 350 hub will also be available in a SRAM HDR version  (Image credit: DT Swiss)

To start with, the DT Swiss 350 will be available as hub only in standard J-bend flanged with center lock disc mounts (front £79.99, rear in Shimano HG £204.99 and SRAM XDR £224.99). The hubs will be from Freewheel.co.uk in the UK imminently.

Head over to DT Swiss for more details.

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