DT Swiss unveils two new carbon gravel wheelsets designed to be aero and lightweight, but with a huge RRP they will leave your wallet feeling light too

Close-up details on the DT Swiss GRC 1400 Dicut carbon wheelset
The new DT Swiss wheels feature patented technology (Image credit: DT Swiss)

DT Swiss has introduced new carbon models to its best gravel wheelsets range, consisting of two models named the GRC 1100 Dicut and the GRC 1400 Dicut. The GRC 1100 wheels are equipped with a DT Swiss 180 Ratchet EXP hub (with ceramic bearings) and DT Swiss Aerolite spokes, while the GRC 1400 wheels feature a 240 Ratchet EXP hub and a set of 24 Aero Comp II spokes. Each model offers a choice of 50mm or 30mm deep rims, both featuring the same carbon layup regardless of the hub it’s laced to, and both have an internal width of 24mm.

The Swiss manufacturers claim that they will deliver the lowest aerodynamic drag and the two different rim heights are adapted to specific gravel riding – either gravel adventure or gravel racing, offering distinct riding advantages. DT Swiss says the 30mm models prioritise steering agility and responsiveness, and the 50mm are all about saving watts over gravel bike races and endurance rides

Gravel bike fitted with the new DT Swiss GRC wheelset

Both models have a choice of 30mm or 50mm rims geared toward specific gravel riding (Image credit: DT Swiss)

The standout feature of the new GRC lineup is its in-house developed rims. DT Swiss equips each GRC carbon rim with a hooked bead, which they claim to be the "ultimate solution" for safety and ease of use for the end customer. DT Swiss adds "that while creating a hooked bead is indeed more complex, it leads to a rim with a built-in fail-safe, providing riders with the confidence to push harder."

DT Swiss says that there is also an added performance benefit to using hooked rims. They claim that wind tunnel tests comparing hooked and hookless rims showed an aero advantage for the hooked rim version. Additionally, the brand asserts that using a hooked bead rim does not result in any disadvantages in terms of rolling resistance.

The new DT Swiss GRC 1100 wheelset in a wind tunnel

Tested in wind tunnels DT Swiss says its new wheels offer enhanced aero performance (Image credit: DT Swiss)

The rims also feature a patent-pending outer carbon layer and a process that DT Swiss is using for the first time. The new process allows the rim to be ready to ride "straight out of the mold" without any finishing or clear coats needing to be added. DT Swiss says this enhances the looks of the final product, and its patented process also adds to the lightness of the wheels.

The all-important claimed weights are as follows, the GRC 1100 Dicut in 30mm is 1,350g and 1,567g for the 50mm version. The GRC 1400 Dicut 30mm is 1,421g and the 50mm model 1400 is 1,631g. As an example of weight comparisons, the 30mm Prime Orra V2 Carbon Gravel wheelset weighs 1,569g, the Hunt 42 Limitless Gravel wheelset weighs 1,664g and the Reynolds ATRx weighs 1,541g. 

It's also worth noting none of the above wheelset examples come anywhere near the hefty RRP that the DT Swiss models carry. There's full details on pricing below.

Spoke and hub details on the DT Swiss GRC 1400 wheelset

All models feature DT Swiss Ratchet hubs (Image credit: DT Swiss)

Availability and pricing

All versions are available now from DT Swiss and its dealer network. The heavyweight pricing is listed below. Each model comes with tubeless-ready tape, tubeless valves, and valve guards. 700c only in 50mm size and 700c and 650b in the 30mm.

More information is available at DTSwiss.com.

  • DT Swiss GRC 1100 Dicut 30mm: $2,999.80 / £2,299.98 / €2,499.80
  • DT Swiss GRC 1100 Dicut 50mm: $2,999.80 / £2,299.98 / €2,499.80
  • DT Swiss GRC 1400 Dicut 30mm: $2,399.80 / £1,864.98 / €2,049.80
  • DT Swiss GRC 1400 Dicut 50mm: $2,399.80 / £1,864.98 / €2,049.80
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