Dynaplug launches the Covert handlebar tool in the UK

DynaPlug Covert Drop Bar tool
(Image credit: Dynaplug)

Dynaplug released their Covert Bar Tool back in August but has now brought it to the UK market as well. The company already offers a solution for mountain bikes in various options from the Carbon Racer Tool for XC and road riders to the much-loved Megapill (which we rated 5 our of 5), but now UK riders will be able to get their hands on the handy Covert tool which stashes in the end of your handlebars.

The Covert tool comes in two different versions; there is a mountain bike handlebar version that houses three standard soft tip plugs and one Megaplug, or a drop bar model with a smaller diameter that stores four standard soft tip plugs.

DynaPlug Covert Drop Bar tool

The tool is hidden in the bar end until you need it  (Image credit: Dynaplug)

Dynaplug uses a patented plug system that consists of a Visco elastic rubber-impregnated cord and a non-abrasive brass tip (available in different sizes for different-size repairs) that you can press into your damaged tubeless gravel tire to seal the hole quickly and with minimal fuss. The benefits of keeping them in a bar end are that they are easily accessed, save you space elsewhere on the bike or in bags, and you are less likely to forget to take them on your ride if they are already attached to your bike.

They are engineered and manufactured in the US, weighing in at 42g per tool, using a twin tube arrangement to store two plugs per bar end. So you always have a spare one left on your ride, even if you've had to deal with multiple punctures.

Dynaplug Covert Drop Bar tool

Dynaplug's Covert tool uses a simple threaded insert to secure (Image credit: Dynaplug)

Fitting is a simple affair; using the supplied hex tool to plug the aluminum housing into your handlebar, then screw the laser-etched topographical design top cap containing the plugs securely into place.

DynaPlug Covert Drop Bar tool

Dynaplug Covert internals (Image credit: Dynaplug)

Dynaplug's unique design and US-manufactured quality come at a price, though, with the Covert costing $124.99 / £134.99 / €174.99) and is available either through Dynaplug direct in the US, or via bike shops in the UK and Europe as well as freewheel.co.uk. Head over to Dynaplug.com for more details.

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