Endura create thought-provoking bike helmets with graphic post-crash injury CAT scan designs for Brain Awareness Week

Endura Project Heid helmets
The Project Heid campaign features real life CAT scans from bike crashes (Image credit: Endura)

As Brain Awareness Week gets underway around the globe, Scottish helmet, clothing and protection brand Endura has launched Project Heid. Endura, who have some of the best mountain bike helmets on the market, have created a one-of-a-kind range of four unique helmets, all featuring real-life CAT scans from patients that have suffered serious, life-threatening brain injuries in bike accidents.

Project Heid, has been created alongside top consultant neurologists in Liverpool and in partnership with The Brain Charity to increase public awareness and support for brain science. Brain Awareness Week is a global campaign with participants hosting imaginative activities in their communities that share the wonders of the brain, and the impact brain science has on everyday lives. 

Project Heid helmet with CAT scan

Thought provoking real life CAT scans feature on the Endura helmets (Image credit: Endura)

The launch of Project Heid, comes as 45 percent of cyclists in Britain admitted to not wearing a helmet when riding. The importance of having the best bike helmet technologies is supported by research, with the risk of traumatic brain injury being reduced by up to sixty percent when wearing a helmet.

Each Endura helmet has a different story to tell, including that of Ian Charlesworth, 62 who, in 2019 was struck by an HGV in Hull whilst cycling without a helmet, and John Moroney, who was hit by a 4x4 in Bristol, during the same year, whilst cycling without head protection. 

Both came close to losing their lives, suffering skull fractures, brain injuries and neurological abnormalities such as hemorrhage and contusion as a result. This has led to extensive rehabilitation programs for both Ian and John with ongoing cognitive impairment struggles which include memory loss, fatigue, and vertigo. 

Project Heid helmet showing CAT scan

The one-of-a-kind helmets are intentionally provocative (Image credit: Endura)

The one-of-a-kind helmets are intentionally provocative, quite literally showing the potential consequences if you choose to ride unprotected and will be on display in the St. Enoch Shopping Centre, Glasgow before being auctioned on behalf of The Brain Charity.

Speaking from personal experience having impacted the road in a heavy crash last summer, without a doubt, I would have suffered a severe head injury if I hadn't been wearing a helmet, and for me it could have been a life-changing decision.

Find out more at www.brainawareness.org and the extensive range of helmets and protective gear at www.endurasport.com.

Paul Brett
Staff writer

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