Endura launches its MT500 Burner Lite clothing – summer-friendly versions of its bestselling MT500 Burner trouser and jersey

Close up on the new Endura MT500 Burner Lite jersey and trouser
Bike Perfect got a first look on the new MT500 Lite range (Image credit: Paul Brett)

On a recent trip to Endura HQ, I met up with Katrin McDonald, Head of Global PR at Endura and Ian Young, Brand Category Manager, who gave me a tour of the Scottish MTB brands production facility. I also met up with product designers, found out about a host of new Endura products and heard how Endura plans to launch into the US with its MTB clothing range and best mountain bike helmets.

Some of the new products I saw on the day and was sworn to secrecy on were the new items that would be dropping in the brand's flagship MT500 Burner mountain bike apparel collection. The MT500 Burner Lite Trouser and MT500 Burner Lite Jersey that Ian told me would be additions to the MT500 range.

Female rider wearing the new MT500 Burner Lite trouser

The Burner Lite pant comes in Male and Female sizing (Image credit: Endura)

"The current MT500 Burner Pants are developed out of the kit created for the Atherton Racing downhill team, and we've worked with the team in developing the new products. Rachel Atherton's rainbow jersey is hanging in the reception, they are a great bunch of people, and you'll see the likes of Gee and Rachel Atherton wearing this (new kit) over the summer.

"Some of the feedback we've received is that the current (MT500) trousers can get pretty hot, especially in Europe, so we've addressed that feedback and developed the MT500 Burner Lite trousers and jersey. As you can see they are super lightweight but extremely durable, basically the same protection you'll get from the standard Burner trousers and shorts, but lighter with plenty of airflow."

MTB rider in the new MT500 LIte jersey

The MT500 Lite jersey is significantly lighter than the original and more breathable (Image credit: Endura)

"We know most gravity riders prefer to be covered and still have freedom of movement, so the fabric we've used has a multi-directional stretch and will give you unrestricted movement. The cut is also knee pad friendly and designed to accommodate our new MT500 D3O protection range. You can also pair them up with your liner shorts using the poppers on the inner waistband. We think we've created the perfect pants for hot summer riding."

Ian Young Brand Category Manager at Endura

Ian talked me over the new MT500 Burner LIte range (Image credit: Paul Brett)

To complement the MT500 Burner Lite Trouser, Endura has also launched the MT500 Burner Lite Jersey and Ian told me the new jersey is inspired by another classic the brand's best mountain bike clothing range the best-selling MT500 Burner Jersey.

"So the new Burner Lite Long Sleeve Jersey has also been made significantly lighter than the original which also makes it way more breathable and wicks away sweat better too. The fabrics in the main body are like the (MT500 Lite) trousers super durable and stretchy. Areas that can take a beating like the elbows and sleeves also have extra woven materials added. Another thing from rider feedback we've worked a lot on is fit, so the multi-direction movement in the material allows for a nicely fitting jersey, so you won't feel like you have a sail attached when riding. As more riders than ever opt to ride with protection, it also allows you to wear any of our upper body protection in the MT500 D3O range, like the Protector Vest or various Elbow Pads."

Close up on the MT500 Lite jersey from Endura

The jersey in the MT500 Lite promises a perfect 'flap free' fit (Image credit: Paul Brett)

Ian then had to head for a meeting, with Katrin showing me the range of new MIPS helmets and telling me that the Endura team had worked incredibly hard to ensure that the fit and function of the products are perfect and as important as the protection levels offered.

Close up details on the MT500 Lite pant

Four way stretch in the MT500 pant will give all day comfort (Image credit: Endura)

Pricing and availability

The Atherton-endorsed MT500 Burner Lite trouser and Burner Lite jersey are available now in male and female options with the trouser priced at $149.99 / £99.00 / €99.99 and available in three colors – Atlantic, Black and Olive, sizing from S-XXL. The Lite jersey in colorways of Black, Blueberry and Tangerine is priced at $79.99 / £54.99 / €59.99 and is sized in S-XXL. Check out all things Endura at endurasports.com.

Paul Brett
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