Favero claims new Assioma Pro MX SPD power meter pedals to be “the lightest” SPD power meter pedals, they undercut rivals on price too

Favero Assioma Pro MX SPD power meter pedals
(Image credit: Favero)

Favero has quickly become one of the benchmarks for road bike power meter pedals, with its Assioma which combines accuracy and durability and is available for a decent price. Today the Italian power meter pedal specialists have gone off-road with new Assioma Pro MX SPD power meter pedals.

The new power meter pedals are SPD compatible and are available in MX-1 single- and MX-2 dual-sided power meter pedals for cross-country, gravel, and cyclocross.

Favero claims that the Assioma Pro MX SPD power meter pedals can measure power output within 1 percent, with a maximum capability of 3,000 watts. They can also self-calibrate and compensate for temperature swings between -10C/14F to 60C/140F for more accurate results.

Favero also claims that the Assioma Pro MX SPD power meter pedals are "the lightest" off-road power pedals, weighing in at a stated 191.4g per power pedal, the non-power dummy pedal weighs a fraction less at 191.2g. Compared to the two main competitors, they are 30.8g lighter than Garmin's XC200 and 2.6g lighter than SRM's Xpower.

Favero Assioma Pro MX SPD power meter pedals

Favero's new spindle design houses all the power meter gubbins for a streamlined design (Image credit: Favero)

The pedals house all the internals within the axle and have a waterproof rating of IP67. Charging is performed using a magnetic contact charging cable on the pedal axle and the internal battery is said to give 60 hours of battery life between charges.

Even with all the internals stored within the axle, Favero has managed to keep the stack height low, claiming to be only 11.2mm, considerably lower than Shimano's XT pedals at 16.5mm.

Favero also says the pedals with their 6061-T6 aluminum pedal body are rated to category 3, which covers riding in rough terrain and drops less than 61 cm (24 in.). The pedals spin on a pair of needle roller bearings and are serviceable with just a 6mm hex key and a pedal spanner.

Favero Assioma Pro MX SPD power meter pedals

Adding power stats are a great way to boost your training (Image credit: Favero)

The power meter can be paired to the Favero app to get all manner of pedaling dynamic stats including Platform Center Offset, Power Phase, left/right balance (MX-2 only), and Torque Effectiveness, Pedal Smoothness. The pedals work with both ANT+ and Bluetooth so they will be able to easily connect to all GPS computers as well for on-the-go readings.

The Assioma Pro MX-1 will be priced at $499.00 / £399.00 / €448,96 and the Assioma Pro MX-2 will be priced at $759.00 / £599.00 / €748,99. A single- to dual-sided upgrade kit is also available for €430.00 / $489.00 / €429,90. Prices may differ depending on the country of purchase due to VAT. 

All are available to buy at Favero's website and selected dealers now.

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