Fizik launches Terra Aidon X5 e-MTB saddle

Fizik Terra Aidon X5 e-MTB saddle
(Image credit: Fizik)

Fizik has launched the Terra Aidon X5, a saddle designed to complement the experience of riding an e-MTB. 

A shorter nose and shape of the saddle puts riders in a more planted position, leading to more stability and control. 

Fizik argues that e-MTB riders spend more time sitting down than traditional mountain bike riders. Instead of having to stand up and accelerate up steep grades, an e-MTB's motor allows the rider to sit and spin. 

To address this, the brand has designed a saddle that features a more gradual curve from the nose to the rear. The saddle also features rounded contours so riders' shorts don't get snagged when descending.

Fizik Terra Aidon X5 e-MTB saddle

The Terra Aidon X5 was designed to complement the experience of riding an e-MTB (Image credit: Fizik)

An ergonomic cut-out aims to increase comfort and relieve pressure in the seated position. There's also a rubber layer below the cut-out that serves as a mud flap, so dirt and grime can easily be washed away.

Fizik has also made the saddle out of a proprietary Type-2 foam that's thicker around the ischial sit bones to create a more upright riding position. The foam is also present on the sides of the saddle for better maneuverability and comfort.

The saddle also has a vibration-dampening shell that's supported by the brand's Mobius rail system.

The Terra Aidon X5 is offered in both 145- and 160mm widths. The 145mm version weighs 262 grams, and the 160mm version is just 10g heavier. 

The e-MTB saddles are available today for $99.99/£80.12. 

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