Formula CTS Pack is a fork tuner's fantasy

Formula now gives you the option of having seven forks in one, with these valves
Formula offers a range of valve hardware in its CTS Pack, from standard to extreme settings (Image credit: Formula)

Formula has announced a new fork tuning kit which is sure to appeal those who are obsessed with suspension tinkering.

A great deal of performance – and safety – can be extracted from correctly configuring your mountain bike’s fork. It takes a combination of technical literacy, patience and experience to expertly tune suspension forks, which can be an issue for many riders.

Italian brake and suspension brand, Formula, now makes tailoring your fork’s performance that much easier with an expanded offering of its CTS swappable compression circuits.

Although riders can fiddle with compression and rebound settings, or air-pressure levels, the most fundamental riding characteristics changes are delivered by altering the way oil flows. To accomplish this, you need to change the compression circuit valving, which would ordinarily be a very expensive and labour-intensive undertaking.

Formula now market a kit which comprises seven different valves, with colour codes dictating their compression characteristics.

Regardless of your preference, you will find an appropriate valving option within the range of hardware available with this new CTS Pack.

Traditional fork tuning has often involved machining away material or fiddling with shim stacks, both of which essentially void your warranty. With the CTS Pack, you have a generous latitude of mechanically approved valve adjustment, which won’t impact the reliability or ownership experience of your Formula fork

Among the seven different valve stacks Formula is offering in its CTS Pack, there are tunes which prioritise small-bump sensitivity, for those riders who want absolutely smoothness on the trail. Those riders who are more skilful and aggressive, can opt for valving which rewards a committed approach to technical trail features at high speed.

Home mechanics might be cautious about swapping out these new CTS Pack valves. Recognising this Formula does supply a specific tool, which in combination with a shock pump, 10mm wrench and 1.5mm hex key, should enable you to do the job without too much bother.

Although Formula has been offering individual valve options for a few years, this new CTS Pack offers much broader choice and competitive pricing - £183 for the set of seven. That is much better value than buying of the CTS valves separately, in which case they cost £48 a piece.  

The Formula CTS tool is priced at £45.

Lance Branquinho
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