Fox announce an all-new 32 Taper-Cast gravel suspension fork

Fox 32 Taper-Cast Gravel Fork
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Fox originally launched its first 32 AX gravel suspension fork back in 2017 – although it was essentially a shortened 650b 32 Step-Cast fork. Since then Fox has been busy designing and has now launched a new gravel-specific 32 Taper-Cast, the lightest fork Fox has ever produced.

The all-new design features a tapered leg design, 40 or 50mm of travel, and clearance for 700x50mm tires. The fork will be available in three different models, Factory, Performance Elite, and Performance series. And the weight? Well, Fox claims the fork comes in at 1226g.

That means the new fork is significantly lighter than the old 32 AX at 1360g as well as undercutting the RockShox Rudy Ultimate XPLR too. This is most likely down to the tapered fork legs, which feature trussing at the bottom to save as much weight as possible. Fox also found that by positioning the arch on the rear it is able to be mounted lower to offer more clearance and reduce the amount of material that is required. The chassis also features a deeply dropped crown to aid frame clearance at full steering lock.

Fox 32 Taper-Cast Gravel Fork equipped bike being ridden by a women on a gravel track surrounded by long grass

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The fork now features a lightweight, short-travel optimized air spring which has the capacity to be fine-tuned with up to four-volume spacers. Inside Fox will offer both GRIP and FIT4 damper options. There are lower leg air/oil bypass channels to improve fork lubrication and reduce pressure build-up which can limit full travel.

Slimmed knobs and top caps on the crown allow fork adjustments whilst helping with frame clearance. The rebound adjustment knob can be found halfway down the leg nestled in the top of the trussing on the right-hand leg. Fox has opted to not fit a lock-out feature as it determined that locking out the fork was not really necessary and would add weight, cost, and complexity to the design.

Fox 32 Taper-Cast Gravel Fork equipped bike beingridden by a man around a dusty berm

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Gravel is still feeling some growing pains when it comes to bleeding-edge tech, so if you are looking to purchase the 32 Taper-Cast to put on your best gravel bike, it's worth double-checking that it is compatible.

Axle-to-crown numbers come in at 435.5mm or 445.5mm depending on the travel. The 32 Taper-Cast is only available with a tapered 1.5in steerer and you are out of luck if you run 650b wheels as the fork is 700c only. The fork has a generous tire clearance at 50mm, dropping to 45mm if you choose to fit the mudguard which integrates into the crown. The axle is a standard-issue 12x100mm and the fork can handle either 160mm or 180mm rotors using a flat-mount caliper.

Fox offers the Performance and Performance Elite forks come in black, while the Factory model is finished in Fox's distinctive orange. The Fox 32 Taper-Cast will retail between $1,039–$1,279/$769–$949.

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