Fox releases redesigned 34 and 34 Step-Cast forks

Fox 34
(Image credit: Fox)

Fox has released updated versions of one of its flagship fork offerings, the 34. With updated internals, the new 34 is designed for trail riding, while the new 34 Step-Cast fork is designed for cross-country riding and racing. 

According to Fox, the new forks are smoother, stiffer and more tuneable. The 34 is available in either 130 or 140mm of travel, while the Step-Cast is available in 100 or 120mm of travel. Both models are offered with Fox's Factory Kashima coating or its lower-end Performance Elite version. The Step-Cast model comes in Factory or Performance options. 

The new fork now features lower leg bypass channels, which allows the fork to use its full amount of travel in a smoother manner. As a fork compresses, the air pressure in the lower legs increases, which can stop the fork from using its full amount of travel. The new channel increases air volume in the lower legs as the fork compresses to avoid this problem, leading to a smoother ride. 

The new channels also allow for better lubrication of the fork's foam rings and bushings.

Fox 34

Fox 34 Factory with Grip2 damper (Image credit: Fox)

Fox has also redesigned the fork's arch to better suit modern trail bike design. Designers have taken larger headtubes and shorter offsets into account so the arch is now located in a more forward position. This means that there is plenty of headtube clearance when the fork is at full compression. In addition, the lower legs have been designed to optimize stiffness while using the least amount of material.

The 34 still features a Float Evol air spring, which now has a bigger negative air spring that provides better mid-stroke support. The fork is offered with the Grip2 damper, which provides both high and low-speed compression and rebound adjustment. Riders can also choose the Fit4 three-position damper.

The Step-Cast Factory option only comes with the Fit4 damper, either as a standard hand-adjust knob adjuster or hooked up to a remote lever. The Step-Cast Performance version comes with a Grip damper.

The Fox 34 weighs 1738g and the 34 Step-Cast weighs 1496g. The forks are only available for 29ers with Boost spacing, and pricing starts at $769.

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