Full details on the custom Canyon Torque MTB Fabio Wibmer rode on his insane ride down the world's steepest ski slope

Fabio Wibmer on his special Canyon Torque CF
Wibmer chose a Canyon Torque CF with a custom paintjob and some special extra features (Image credit: Red Bull)

Fabio Wibmer has just released what could be his best mountain bike video epic yet – The Strief. The new edit sees the Red Bull MTB freeride legend riding down the toughest and steepest downhill ski run in the world. The Strief is home to The Hahnenkamm downhill ski race, which holds a fearsome reputation and challenges the world's best downhill skiers every year, but riding a mountain bike down here was on another level all together.

In the video Wibmer hits speeds of 100km/h+ on his adapted Canyon Torque while performing some breathtaking tricks on the steep slopes that in sections have gradients of 85 percent. I wondered if the Torque used differed from an off-the-shelf version. After contacting Canyon, they shared some of the details on the bike and some words from Fabio on what adaptations he made and how it performed. So read on to find out more about Fabio Wibmer's special one-of-a-kind Canyon Torque, his MTB weapon of choice for The Strief.

Fabio Wibmer riding on the Strief

The Strief is home to The Hahnenkamm downhill ski race (Image credit: Red Bull)

Wibmer chose a stock carbon-framed Canyon Torque CF, size Medium with 27.5-inch wheels front and back. Fabio specifically went with a Medium which is not his regular sizing, saying “the smaller frame made the bike more maneuverable while performing the various jumps and backflips.” It also highlights the strength capabilities of carbon, because the Torque CF is pushed to the limit and beyond, and survives.

Elsewhere the eye-catching design and paint job really does contrast in the snow and features intricate details that Fabio and his designer created specially for the project. “My name makes up a gritted teeth logo on the headtube which is pretty much the same face I made while flying down this mountain.”

The custom Firecracker paint runs throughout the bike and includes the Magura MT7 Raceline brakes painted to match, with the Öhlins fork featuring the Firecracker design too. The rear suspension was also from the Swedish masters of all things bouncy, and Fabio went with an Öhlins coil shock, selecting the stiffest shock he could find and saying, “I really prefer a stiff shock, especially with the big jumps, you really don’t want the bike being too soft.”

Close up details of Fabio Wibmer's Canyon Torque CF paintwork

The paintjob featured a gritted teeth logo made up from Wibmer's name (Image credit: Red Bull)

The biggest difference and probably the most important for this stunt were the tires. Wibmer chose Pirelli Scorpions but they weren't just standard tires, he wanted to have the best grip possible. "I worked with ice speedway legend Franky Zorn, he custom-made ice spikes that we individually drilled into both the front and rear tires, 576 in total. Tire pressure was around 40psi which was to make the entire setup super stiff and that helped keep the spikes in place."

He also added a rear fender to avoid any injury from flying spikes, and protect his backside while hanging over the rear wheel and landing those big jumps. Elsewhere the Torque ran without gears and was set up as a single speed. "There wasn't much need for gears, I knew there wouldn't be a lot of pedaling!"

Close up on Fabio Wibmer's tires with ice spikes drilled in

The tires had 576 custom-made ice spikes to give as much grip as possibe on the snow and ice covered slopes (Image credit: Red Bull)

The overall look was completed with a matching Firecracker kit, custom made by Nineyard and a special Red Bull helmet with a nod to the local mountain goats making an appearance on the design.

Check out the spec of Fabio's Canyon Torque CF and watch The Strife edit below and check out some of his other edits on YouTube, especially the Grand Theft Auto-inspired Video Game.

Tech specs: Fabio Wibmer's Firecracker Canyon Torque

  • Frame: Canyon Torque CF 
  • Suspension: Öhlins Suspension front/rear
  • Wheels: DT Swiss, custom Red
  • Brakes: Magura MT7 Raceline
  • Drivetrain: SRAM, single speed
  • Tires: Pirelli Scorpion, 27.5 front/rear
  • Spikes: Custom made by Franky Zorn
  • Handlebar: G5 (Canyon)
  • Stem: G5 (Canyon)
  • Grips: G5 (Canyon)
  • Pedals: Crankbrothers Stamp 7
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