Funn Fastair valves offer three times the airflow for faster inflation

Funn Fastair valves
(Image credit: Funn)

Funn has released a new tubeless-specific Fastair valve that's designed to increase airflow and a number of neat features to make tubeless setup easier.

If you're looking for the best tubeless tire valves there are already a few high airflow options on the market. Reserve's Fillmore where one of the first on the market and although they are effective, the high RRP meant there was plenty of room for other brands to corner some of the market. 76 Projects HI FLOW ‘No Clog’ valves followed and now Funn has released their own version.

Tubeless tires rely on air pressure to be fitted, so the faster you can get air into the tire the easier it is to fit. Funn claims that their Fastair valve offers three times the airflow of a standard valve which should help get stubborn tires to seat into the rim quicker. They also feature side exits so they won't become blocked when running a tire insert. 

Funn Fastair valves components dismantled

The valve is fully rebuildable for easy maintenance (Image credit: Funn)

Funn also claims that the valves won't clog if you want to add sealant to your tire through the valve, rather than unseating the tire. It's a bold claim, however, if they do become blocked the valves can be fully dismantled and cleaned.

Made from CNC-machined alloy for the outer tube and stainless steel for the inner tube, they weigh just 6.5g per valve. The Fastair valves install exactly the same as a standard tubeless Presta valve and are compatible with Presta pumps and CO2 inflators.

Finally, the Fastair valves have a party trick. Rather than all the fiddly unscrewing needed to let a little air out of a standard Presta valve, the Fastair can release air without removing the cap. Simply loosen the valve cap and press it down to lower pressure.

The valves are only available in black and should be available to buy before the end of February, they are priced at $35 a pair.

Funn Fastair valves deflating a tire

Simply loosen the valve cap and press it to lower tire pressures (Image credit: Funn)
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