Gloworm announces G2.0 range of lights

Gloworm G2.0
(Image credit: Gloworm)

Gloworm has announced its new range of lights, which are called G2.0. The New Zealand brand's lights already made it onto our best mountain bike lights list, so we expect the new lights, which feature a new battery system and Bluetooth connectivity, to be top-notch as well. 

Central to the new models is a Bluetooth control unit that can be mounted onto a rider's handlebars. The rider can then remotely control their lights remotely, turning them off and on, switching between modes, and even controlling multiple lights at once. Gloworm says the buttons on the unit are oversized to make them easier to press with gloves on and in the dark, which is a plus. 

The brand is also introducing a smartphone app, which allows users to customize the settings on their lights. Once a rider has programed their lights through the app, they can then use the Bluetooth control unit to control the light on their ride. The app also displays available battery life and overall battery health.

Gloworm G2.0

A handlebar-mounted Gloworm light (Image credit: Gloworm)

The lights include a battery pack that features a USB-C port so they can be used to charge phones, GPS computers, or any other device that uses USB charging. The battery also has an O-LED screen that displays battery life and estimated remaining runtime.

A fast charger is included, which can give an X2 Adventure model about two hours of battery life in just 90 minutes.

The cable system has been optimized so they break free in the case of any snags or impacts. The cables are rated to IP67 for wet weather riding.

The G2.0 range includes five light models: the 2000-lumen X2 and X2 Adventure, the 2800-lumen XS and XS Adventure, and the 3600-lumen XSV. The new generation lights and batteries are not cross-compatible with previous generations.

The lights are available for pre-order and will ship on May 1.

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