Good news for RockShox owners – the new RRP ProGuard Bolt On V2 front fender is compatible with Zeb, Lyrik, Pike and Domain MTB forks

A selection of front mudguards
The ProGuard Bolt On V2 comes in three sizes compared to the original two (Image credit: RRP)

Modern front fenders/mudguards are a far cry from the options of yesterday (yes, full-length guards and minimalist Crud Catchers were both crap). They look good, stay in place and do a great job of keeping mud and roost out of your face and off your bike. Most recent suspension forks now come drilled with tiny holes that allow you to fit mudguards too – which means they're more secure and you won't damage your forks using zip-ties to secure them either.

Rapid Racer Products' (RRP) ProGuard Bolt On is one of the best direct-mount front mudguards around, but they're not compatible with certain fork models, such as most popular RockShoxs, and the tacky pads that sit on either side of the brace had a tendency to fall off over time. Enter the V2 version which brings greater fork compatibility and several other upgrades over the original versions too.

Close up of a front mudguard

Much wider side flanges on the V2 give increased fork seal protection (Image credit: RRP)

As well as RockShox Zeb, Lyrik, Pike and Domain, the ProGuard Bolt On V2 is designed to be compatible with the Ohlins RXF38, Fox 34 (Step-Cast and non-Step-Cast), X-Fusion Trace 36 and the EXT Era. Those forks join the existing line-up from Fox, Marzocchi, Suntour and others.

A Forbidden Druid V2 bike

The ProGuard Bolt On V2 can be run on popular RockShox forks such as the Zeb (Image credit: RRP)

The new versions also promise better protection for your fork seals, larger rubber pads for increased stability, a recessed center area for better bottom-out clearance and a new 600mm 'Max Protection' size added to the existing Standard (503mm) and Mini (389mm) options.

The RRP ProGuard Bolt On V2 will be available towards the end of March, all three sizes cost £39.99 (US price TBC). For more, head to

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