Goodyear Bicycle Tires launch new versions of its Newton gravity tires

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Goodyear Bicycle Tires has updated its Newton Gravity tire range with an MX-inspired tire tread that is said to work across a broader range of conditions and a simplified range. Goodyear first launched its tires in 2018 with the tires hinging around a front and rear-focused tire design. The new tires took two and a half years to develop, are available in 15 different options, and in order for Goodyear to make the best mountain bike tires it can, they are now produced in a dedicated Goodyear Bicycle Tire factory in Taiwan.

The rear Newton MTR stays relatively unchanged but the Newton MTF front tire gets a reworked tread pattern. The new tread has alternating-spaced center blocks which also have different heights. As to be expected with front and rear-specific tire, the treads have been designed for specific tasks. Goodyear says that the new MTF tread should provide a balance between straight-line control and cornering grip. The MTR's horizontally squared-off design is clearly focused on straight-line grip for pedaling and braking. Goodyear maintains that the transition from center to shoulders will offer confident cornering ability, and that an MX-inspired rounder tire profile has been used which should increase dampening and elongate the tire's footprint for more grip.

Goodyear Newton MTF

The Newton MTF has a new tread pattern (Image credit: Goodyear)

Goodyear says it has chosen to simplify its range in a strategy to simplify the buying process. That means the tires will be available in Trail, Enduro, and Downhill specific casing layups which are paired with specific compounds that are designed for their application.

These new compounds for the Newton tires are split into three categories; Dynamic Grip3S, Dynamic Grip3, and Dynamic Trail. The Dynamic Grip compounds are aimed at downhill and enduro mountain biking, the Dynamic Grip3S version features triple density 40/42/60a compounds for front tire grip while the MTR has the Dynamic Grip3 version which uses 40/50/60a compound to extend tread life. Dynamic Trail is a dual-density 50/60a compound that balances grip, rolling speed, and wear.

Goodyear Newton MTR

The rear tire tread remains unchanged (Image credit: Goodyear)

The MTF will come in two sizes, 29x2.5 and 27.5x2.5, and the MTR will come in 2.4-inch and 2.6-inch options for 27.5 and as well as a 29x2.4 rear tire. Goodyear has also worked with SRAM in order to create a tire pressure calculator to help customers with setting up their Goodyear tires based on weight and riding conditions.

The Newton MTF/MTR Trail and Newton MTF/MTR Enduro are available now and the Newton MTF/MTR Downhill will be shipping in July. The Trail tires will retail for £53.90, Enduro for £60.48, and £64.90 for the Downhill models.

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