GT launches Power Performer e-MTBMX and analog Street Performer urban bike

GT Power Performer
(Image credit: GT Bikes)

Today marks the launch of something different from the American bike maker GT. Two new bikes plus a whole new sub-brand. The sub-brand is Life+Style and the bikes are the Power Performer and the Street Performer. Both variations on a theme with one being electric assist and one being purely analog. 

GT is a brand that's always been about fun. Fast is also part of their DNA but never at the expense of fun. They are a brand that works to never take themselves too seriously. Kind of a ride-hard play-hard ethos and the Performer bikes are part of that lineage. 

Marketing speech talks about a mix of BMX style and everyday usability. Some people will call them wheelie bikes. You can do tricks on them, you can cruise on them, you can stay true to the style you grew up with while also getting out and being active. However, you might relate the new bikes they offer to the same solid mix of performance and fun. 

The analog Performer model carries a price of $1,120 and comes in one size with two color options. The frame is an aluminum build with a floating frame stander seat stays. Clearance is roomy enough for 2.5 inch tires, and there are mounts for racks and fenders. Bring a friend on the pegs or mount a rack so you can ride to the skate spot. 

Even if you have some miles to cover before you get to the spot, the GT performer has you covered. There are nine gears on hand with an 11-36 gear cassette and a 38-tooth front chainring. Shifting happens with a microSHIFT rear derailleur and gear changes come from a microSHIFT trigger shifter. There's plenty of stopping power with 160mm disc brakes front and rear

Included tires are well suited to urban riding. GT Smoothie Session 2.5 inch tires are lightweight big volume tires. There's light flat protection, a smooth ultra-tacky tread area, and micro texturing on the edges to hold while swerving. The reflective sidewalls keep you visible in low light.

For the farthest meetup spots, or for dual duty as a way to get to work, there's also the electric assist Power Performer available. Pricing on the electric assist option is set at $2,225 and it's almost exactly the same build. The neoprene top tube pad, fenders, kickstand, 4-piece BMX handlebar, and reinforced steel steerer tube are all the same between the bikes. There are another two color options and all the same performance specs from the analog bike remain the same. The only thing lost is the included pegs.

What the Power Performer bike adds is, of course, electric assist. It's a rear hub-driven Bafang motor with nine levels of power assist. In the US you'll find a 350w motor with a 20mph top speed while in the EU it's 250w with a max 20kph. In the US there is also a throttle making it a class 2 electric bike. The battery for both sides of the Atlantic ocean is removable and lockable with a 36v/418wh capacity. An included 1.5watt USB charging port helps make sure you can keep your phone charged.

Both the GT Street Performer and its powered sibling the Power Performer are available as of today. They are the first models to fall under the Life+Style category so expect more in the future. 

Josh Ross

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