Has Restrap solved the Hike-a-Bike problem with the hands-free harness?

The Restrap Hike-a-Bike harness being worn as a rider carrys his bike easily over rocky stream
(Image credit: Restrap)

Restrap already specializes in making some of the best bikepacking gear for all kinds of bike riding from the best gravel bike day trips to multi-day mountain bike adventures. The brand is known for manufacturing functional, durable, sustainable bags and equipment for traveling by bike, and stands by its products with all the Restrap range carrying a lifetime warranty.

They now launch a brand new, never-before-seen accessory for riders who love the outdoors - the Hike-a-Bike Harness. Anyone that's ever been on a bike packing adventure will have at some point had the issue of carrying a fully loaded bike up steep tracks or over unrideable terrain, it can be exhausting and also have you looking like Bambi on ice.

The Hike a Bike a harness packed away on a bikes top tube

The Hike-a-Bike harness packs away on a bikes top tube when not in use (Image credit: Restrap)

Restrap with The Hike-a-Bike Harness could have created the solution and its all-new harness is aimed at riders who love heading out on off-road trails where there might be long sections of hike-a-bike. Adding this quick and easy harness will deliver a hands-free solution to carrying a bike in the wild.

The Hike-a-bike Harness is claimed to fit almost any bike, and straps onto your top tube, discreetly out of the way when not in use. When required it allows riders to go from riding to carrying their bike in a matter of seconds. Designed to not interfere with riding, the adjustable mounting points and lightweight design will allow riders to tailor the harness to fit their bike. 

A rider hands free with his bike on harnessed on his back using the Restrap Hands Free harness

Restrap say their harness will fit just about any bike (Image credit: Restrap)

Included are two retention straps and a long fast strap to secure the front wheel in place, and prevent any movement while walking. There is also a breathable padded section that will keep the bike comfortable on the shoulders and they say it shouldn't get in the way while riding.

Weighing in at just 235g and made from robust, waterproof TPU coated Nylon, and finished with a vegan-friendly Restrap Label. The Hike-a-Bike Harness is available now at Restrap.com priced at $79.99 / £49.99 / €59.99.

Paul Brett
Staff writer

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