Hope announces all-new Tech 4 brakes

Hope Tech 4
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Hope has updated its best mountain bike brake setup with the new Tech 4 lever and upgraded calipers.

Turns out that the rumors we mentioned in our 2022 MTB predictions were correct and the biggest improvement over the previous Tech 3 design is a claimed 30 percent more power.

However, Hope is keen to stress that they have made a number of important changes to the lever to refine its performance. Hope says that it has increased the hydraulic and mechanical ratio making it easier to control the power on offer. The lever pull has also been lightened by reducing friction around the seals and speccing roller bearings for the lever pivot.

The reservoir still sits on top of the lever, meaning the levers are left and right specific, but Hope has flattened them to make the lever more streamlined. A hinged design reduces weight but maintains fitting convenience. The lever is also compatible with a wider range of current shifter options, now offering 30 percent of angle adjustment.

Hope's previous levers are known for adjustability and the Tech 4 levers retain the tool-less bite point and reach adjustments of the Tech 3's. The lever blade itself has also been reshaped with Hope opting for a straighter shape to improve mechanical advantage, presumably offering more leverage.

Hope Tech 4

(Image credit: Hope)

Updated calipers

The Tech 4 levers are compatible with X2, E4, V4 and Trial Zone calipers and while the levers have had a lot of attention, Hope hasn't ignored the calipers either. The four-piston CNC'd one-piece calipers now uses a hybrid piston design that combines the stainless steel pistons with a phenolic insert. The stainless exterior is designed to give a super-smooth movement, while the phenolic center helps to better manage high temperatures. As with the lever, the goal was to reduce friction and to further lighten the lever feel. 

Hope will ship all Tech 4 brakes with its new organic racing compound pads too. Claimed to require very little bedding-in to offer better performance straight out the box.

All brakes are shipped with rear hose lengths (1.6m) to simplify stock, braided hoses are also available at additional cost. All calipers are available in post-mount options, although only the Tech 4 X2 is available in flat mount. 

Hope will offer complete Tech 4s in black or silver as well as the option of classic Hope anodized color highlights of blue, red, purple, or orange for those riders who want to color match their Hope kit.

Hope says that the Tech 4's will be available from Hope Dealers as of now.


  • Tech 4, E4 - Braided hose - RRP £205.00 // €255.00 // $260.00 (ex tax)
  • Tech 4, E4 - Black hose - RRP £195.00// €245.00 // $245.00 (ex tax)
  • Tech 4, V4 - Braided hose - RRP £220.00// €275.00 // $280.00 (ex tax)
  • Tech 4, V4 - Black hose - RRP £210.00 // €265.00 // $265.00 (ex tax)
  • Tech 4, X2 - Black hose - RRP £175.00 // €220.00 // $220.00 (ex tax)
  • Tech 4, X2 - Braided hose - RRP £185.00 // €230.00 // $235.00 (ex tax)
  • Tech 4, X2 Flatmount - Black hose - RRP £175.00 // €220.00 // $220.00 (ex tax)
  • Tech 4, X2 Flatmount - Braided hose - RRP £185.00 // €230.00 // $235.00 (ex tax)
  • Tech 4, Trial Zone - Black hose - RRP £190.00 // €235.00 // $240.00 (ex tax)
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