Hutchinson launch new 50mm gravel tires that are also electric gravel bike compatible

Hutchinson 50mm gravel tire range
(Image credit: Hutchinson)

Hutchinson, the French pioneer of tubeless technology and renowned for producing some of the best gravel tires, has released the tried and tested performance of their tubeless-ready Overide, Tundra, and Touareg tires in 50mm versions. With the new additions, Hutchison says they have all types of gravel riders covered from bike packers, gravel racers, and e-bikers. 

The new wider tires have been introduced to the existing gravel range and retain the tread patterns and build as the existing models, just simply bigger. So the same bi-compound material has been utilized in the new sizes, with a uniform scaling-up of the profile design, which is said to give the same great performance as the smaller options available. The result, Hutchinson says is a tread, grip, and durability that is ever reliable, whilst the Hardskin protection works to prevent punctures and keep you rolling in nearly all terrains. 

Hutchinson Overide 50mm tire

The Overide is fast and lightweight on all-terrain (Image credit: Hutchinson)

Hutchinson Overide

The Overide is a fast and lightweight all-terrain tire that is designed to offer excellent grip on a variety of surfaces, from road to gravel to hard-packed dirt. Hutchinson says the smooth central tread offers low rolling resistance and makes it an ideal choice for riders who are looking to cover ground quickly. At the same time, the Overide’s side knobs should provide excellent cornering grip, ensuring that riders can handle turns with ease.

Hutchinson Tundra 50mm gravel tire

Tundra is well-suited to technical, wet, and rocky trails. (Image credit: Hutchinson)

Hutchinson Tundra

The Tundra is also a highly versatile tire that is aimed for technical, wet, and rocky trails. Featuring a knobby tread that again should provide excellent grip in turns and on difficult terrain, and could make it a popular choice for adventurous riders who enjoy exploring off-road. In addition to claimed excellent traction, the Tundra also features the same Hardskin protection to help prevent punctures and ensure a reliable ride, even on the toughest terrain.

Hutchinson Touareg 50mm gravel tire

The Touareg is popular with many gravel racers (Image credit: Hutchinson)

Hutchinson Touareg

The Touareg is the all-terrain tire that they say provides excellent traction on a variety of surfaces, including mixed surfaces of gravel and road. Designed with a smooth central profile that will give low rolling resistance on hard surfaces, while the more aggressive side knobs should provide excellent grip on softer terrain. The smaller size version has been a popular tire with gravel cyclists looking for reliability on a variety of terrains, and it’s the tire of choice for many gravel racers

In addition to the individual benefits of the Overide, Tundra, and Touareg tires, Hutchinson also recommends mixing and matching the tires for optimal performance in different terrain types, taking an MTB-inspired mixed tire approach to get the most out of your gravel bike and enjoy a more versatile and reliable ride.

With these new 700 x 50mm tires Hutchinson says it 'rounds out' their gravel offering, and they hope to cement their industry-leading position as one of the few tire manufacturers providing this size across an entire gravel range. 

They also retain the same £49.95 / €56.69 / $60.18 pricing, the same as the equivalent smaller models, and are available now with more information at Our roaming Technical-Editor-at-Large, Guy Kesteven is busy testing these tires with a full ride test coming soon.

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