"I am who I am and that's it", Rob Warner opens up about his struggles leaving World Cup MTB commentary, and late diagnosis autism

Rob Warner appearing as a guest on the The Ride Companion podcast
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Rob Warner talks extremely openly in the latest episode of the The Ride Companion podcast, in the conversation with Davi Birks and Ollie Wilkins, he speaks honestly about the grief he experienced leaving World Cup mountain bike commentary. 

"It beat me up, ended me for a bit. I didn't function for quite a while there for months and months and months. I didn't get out of bed in the morning, man. I just lay there dead. I was done. I was done. I had no interest in getting up ... For me, it was really bad, I'm a 'the life' liver man and I fucken' live my life."

It was arguably one of the biggest upsets in mountain biking when the UCI moved to Warner Bros. Discovery as the broadcaster for the UCI mountain bike events, replacing Red Bull who previously handled the coverage. The change shocked fans and racers alike, but until now Rob hasn't spoken publicly about what he has been through following the changes. 

He also speaks very candidly about coming to terms with his late diagnoses with autism, ADHD, and dyspraxia. Going into depth about his experiences pre and post diagnoses and the effects it has had throughout his life, his downhill racing, and career as a commentator. 

Its a great listen and an incredible insight into the voice of mountain biking.

Rob isn't the only high profile MTBer who has recently opened up about his late diagnosis with ADHD. In the last episode Pinkbike Racing's youtube series Ben Cathro also spoke honestly about his struggles with ADHD and the effects it has had on his racing career running the Pinkbike Racing World Cup team, and his personal life.

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