Industry Nine expands its SOLix lineup with new lightweight high-engagement XC and trail wheelsets

Industry Nine SOLix mountain bike wheelset
(Image credit: Industry Nine)

Industry Nine has expanded its range of wheelsets built around its new lighter-weight SOLix hub set. The new wheelsets are positioned as Industry Nine's best mountain bike wheels for XC and light trail.

The SOLix G and SOLix SL hubs were first launched as part of a lineup of gravel and road wheelsets. Now Industry Nine has added SOLix M, available in four wheelset options and a classic hubset. 

SOLix M uses the same continuously-phased five-pawl freehub with a 121-tooth drive ring, offering 605 points giving an instant 0.59-degree engagement.

The SOLix hubs use high-load bearings protected by replaceable full-contact radial lip seals said to offer better protection from the elements, lower weight, and reduced friction. Drive and non-drive bearings are the same size for evenly distributing the load and refined preload for longer bearing life.

Industry Nine SOLix mountain bike wheelset being ridden in the desert

SOLix wheels now include XC and trail options (Image credit: Industry Nine)

The range of SOLix MTB wheels is broken down into cross-country and trail wheelsets, available in either carbon or alloy versions.

The SOLiX M UL300 is the lightest wheelset in the collection, designed for high-performance cross-country racing. The hookless UL300 rim features a 30mm inner rim diameter, built with 24 straight pull spokes, and has a claimed weight of 1,385g,

The SOLiX M UL250 trades the carbon rim for an alloy UL250 rim saving almost $1000 / €900 off the asking price. You get the same hubs and spoke build with a claimed weight of 1,425g for the wheelset.

For downcountry or lightweight trail riders the SOLiX M TR300/290 DUO will tick the boxes. The front and rear specific rims, the TR300 front is designed for compliance and has a 30mm inner rim and TR290 rear rim has a 29mm inner rim and is beefed up with thicker side walls for better durability. The wheelset is said to weigh 1,425g.

The SOLiX M TR285 uses the same TR285 alloy rim for both the front and rear rim, with a 28.5mm, and is said to support up to 2.5in tires. Fitted to the SOLix hubs, this wheelset is claimed to weigh 1,535g.

Industry Nine offers the SOLix Classic hubset for riders who want to build their own custom wheels. The hubs come in either 24h or 28h options and come with SRAM XD, Shimano HG, and Shimano MicroSpline freehub bodies. The hubs are said to come in at 120g for the front and 227g for the rear hub.

Industry Nine SOLix M Trail 285 wheelset

Colors can be customized direct from Industry Nine (Image credit: Industry Nine)

Industry Nine SOLix M specs and prices

  • SOLiX M UL300: 30mm internal width, Carbon, 1,385g, $2,395 / €2,160
  • SOLiX M UL250a: 25mm internal width, Alloy, 1,425g, $1,405 / €1,265
  • SOLiX M TR285: 28.5mm internal width, Alloy (Hollow Bead Wall), 1,535g, $1,405 / €1,265 
  • SOLiX M TR300/290 DUO: 30mm F/ 29mm R internal width, Carbon (DUO Concept), 1,470g, $2,395 / €2,160 
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