Jack Wolfskin fully embraces bikepacking with its new range of adventure-focused gear

Jack Wolfskin Morobbia bikepacking bags on a bike
(Image credit: Jack Wolfskin)

Outdoor brand Jack Wolfskin has just followed up its 2022 bike bag range with an expanded and improved new collection of bikepacking bags. The complete 2023 cycling lineup also includes complete riding outfits for men and women alike.

Dubbed Morobbia, the bag collection consists of a bar roll, seat tube bag, seat pack, fork bag, and frame bag, plus there's also a Stratos Lite III three-person tent.

Jack Wolfskin Morobbia jerseys

The male- and female-specific jerseys look great with their printed designs (Image credit: Jack Wolfskin)

The adventure-focused bike clothing also falls under the Morobbia umbrella and features rain jackets, softshells, jerseys, bib shorts, and gloves for men and women, along with a female-specific gilet.

All of Jack Wolfskin's waterproof products have been free from toxic fluorocarbons since 2019 and the bags are made using 100 percent recycled materials. The polyester fabric used in the clothing comes from completely recycled sources too.

Jack Wolfskin Morobbia bikepacking bags

Jack Wolfskin Morobbia bar bag on a bike

The waterproof Morobbia Bar Roll has plenty of cargo strapping for extra gear stowage (Image credit: Jack Wolfskin)

One of the highlights in the bag range is the brand-new 15-liter Bar Roll. The roll-top bag is designed to carry a sleeping bag and can be compressed with the fastening system. The bag attaches to its mount via a magnetic Fidlock Winch quick-release system for easy and quick removal. The bag comes with five different mounting spacers to make it as compatible with as many bar types as possible and as no one wants a wet sleeping bag, it's fully waterproof. 

Jack Wolfskin Morobbia fork bag on a bike

The Fork Bag is compatible with most rigid forks and doesn't require mounting bolts (Image credit: Jack Wolfskin)

The Fork Bag is a new addition to Jack Wolfskin's cycling range. The 7-liter capacity bag has roll top closure and also features a magnetic Fidlock quick-release mounting system. The mount attaches to the fork leg using TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) straps and the compressible bag is fully waterproof.

Pricing in the Morobbia bag range starts at £36.00 for the Tube Bag and goes up to £115.00 for the Bar Roll.

Jack Wolfskin Morobbia bike clothing

Men's clothing from the Jack Wolfskin Morobbia range

The men's windproof softshell and the rain jacket (Image credit: Jack Wolfskin)

With rain jackets and jersey options, the Morobbia clothing range is a pretty versatile one with something for all but the worst weather. Pricing on the men's side starts at £45.00 for the Summer Glove, rising to £240.00 for the 2.5L Jkt M rain jacket. The male-orientated range also features the packable Wind Jkt M (aka softshell) at £95.00, the FZ L/S Print M long sleeve, zipped jersey priced £80.00, and Bib Shorts M with leg pockets at £110.00.

Women's clothing from the Jack Wolfskin Morobbia range

The women's fleece-lined jersey and rain jacket  (Image credit: Jack Wolfskin)

The range is slightly different for women, starting with a short sleeve, half-zip HZ T W jersey at £70.00 and going up to £260.00 for the hooded 3L Jkt W rain jacket. The rest of the female-specific lineup is a Wind Vest W gilet at £85.00, a fleece-lined and zipped FZ Light W long-sleeve jersey for £90.00, and Bib Short W at £190.00. There are various color options available in both the male and female ranges.

The Morobbia cycling range is on sale now, for more info head to www.jack-wolfskin.co.uk

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