Jordan Williams and Matt Walker hit Triscombe, Somerset in their new video

Jordan Williams and Matt Walker hit Triscombe, Somerset in their new video
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Following up on their original Hitting Up the Local video, which dropped in December of last year, top British downhill mountain biking pros Jordan Williams and Matt Walker have now released a second edit, unsurprisingly called Hitting Up the Local Episode Two.

In the first video, the Madison Saracen Factory Race Team riders rode Walker's local trails in the Shropshire Hills. This time around it's Williams who's the trail guide at his local spot of Triscombe Woods, deep in the Quantock Hills of Somerset.

Hitting Up the Local Episode Two

For those unfamiliar with Triscombe Woods, it's maze of steep and swooping, semi-natural trails that's packed with of berms, drops and jumps. And if you're reading this from a land where dust rather than dirt is norm, this video is a great showcase of typically muddy British winter riding (we get to ride dry trails for about three weeks a year), though we suspect the Saracen bikes in the vid may have been wiped clean mid-ride!

If you missed the first video, you can find it below. Now that both riders have visited each other's local trails, where they will end up in the next edit is anyone's guess.

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Hitting Up the Local Episode One

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