K-Edge moves your Wahoo and Garmin device to a safer space

K-Edge takes advantage of a new top tube bolt mounts
The K-Edge top tube mount places your device safely behind the steerer (Image credit: K-Edge)

K-Edge has moulded a new top tube bracket system which promises to save your Garmin or Wahoo device in the event of a crash.

For many riders, the presence of a bike computer has become essential to their mountain and adventure biking. Whether you wish to have the security of accurate route navigation or the more accurate data harvesting possible with a Garmin or Wahoo bike computer, the position atop your top cap is now likely occupied by an expensive digital device.

The problem is that those digital devices are horribly exposed to damage in the event of a crash, with absolutely no front angle protection.

Industrial designs at K-Edge’s headquarters, in Boise (Idaho), have now solved the issue with a top tube device mount shaped specifically for Wahoo and Garmin devices.

The K-Edge top tube mount removed your device from atop the handlebar and repositions it to a much safer location, behind the steerer. This effectively uses the stem as front shielding and the handlebar’s edges as lateral protection, in a crash.

Although the top tube bracket is similar in configuration for both the Wahoo and Garmin devices, there are two different inserts, moulded to accommodate the individual bike computer brands.

Some mountain bikers might find moving their digital cycling device from the stem cap to the top tube too distracting. It is worth remembering that most riders only occasionally glance downwards at their device, and never at a critically technical part of their ride, so moving the position a few inches backwards, should not make for a more awkward experience.

Only mountain and adventure bike frames with top tube bolt mounts will be able to accommodate the K-Edge bracket system. But for those long distance adventure bikers who rely on a head unit for critical navigation and guidance and know the risk of damage that can occur with a crash, the K-Edge top tube mount is a great option.

The K-Edge top tube mount is priced at $39.99.

Lance Branquinho
Freelance writer

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