Kask launch the Elemento helmet – a cutting-edge, all-rounder packed with aero, ventilation and safety tech

Pauline Ferrand-Prevot wearing the newe Kask Elemento
The Elemento has recently appeared at MTB World Cup races and the Giro d'Italia (Image credit: Red Bull)

Kask has announced the new Elemento helmet featuring a host of cutting-edge technology that the Italian brand says will provide the highest level of aerodynamics, ventilation and safety. Coming with a premium price tag and the Kask reputation for making some of the best cycling helmets it's aimed at cyclists competing in the world’s best cross-country, cyclocross, gravel and road events, as well as cyclists who are looking for ultimate performance. Its sure to be a helmet that will attract multi-discipline riders as an all-rounder option.

The eagle-eyed out there may have spotted the Elemento already as it has been developed alongside the Ineos Grenadiers team. The Elemento was ridden at the weekend by current women’s cross-country mountain bike and gravel world champion, Pauline Ferrand-Prévot at the MTB World Cup in Nové Město. It's multi-discipline credentials also on show as it was ridden by the likes of Geraint Thomas and Filippo Ganna at the Giro d' Italia at the same time. 

Pauline Ferrand-Prévot wearing the Elemento helmet from Kask at the MTB World Cup in Nové Město

The multi-discipline credentials of the Elemento have been on show recently (Image credit: Red Bull)

Kask say the Elemento has been in development since 2020, with the brand conducting in-depth analysis of numerous scientific studies focused on how rider's performance varies as their body temperatures changes. The studies concluded that, in performance terms, an athlete's temperature is just as important as a helmet’s weight and aerodynamics.

Working with Ineos Grenadiers on the Elemento, Kask adds they have engineered an innovative and ground-breaking helmet which is not only super aerodynamic but also offers high levels of safety and ventilation, and we explored the details of the technology involved in the Kask Elemento.

Close up on the Fluid Carbon 12 shell on the Kask Elemento helmet

The Fluid Carbon 12 shell is claimed to distribute force more evenly across the helmet (Image credit: Kask)

Fluid Carbon 12 and Multipod technology

The basic design of the Elemento is similar to the brand's other all-rounder aero helmet, the Protone Icon. The Elemento now has the newly developed Fluid Carbon 12 shell, which is a composite technopolymer (an advanced plastic that’s more resistant to heat and stress than standard plastics). Kask claims the Fluid Carbon 12 outer shell is capable of absorbing more impact energy better than traditional materials, and the material can distribute that force more evenly across the helmet. This capability has enabled the Kask technicians to increase the size of the internal channels in the helmet, improving ventilation but also reducing the size of the ventilation holes, which then improves the overall aero-ness of the Elemento.

Inside view of the 3D-printed Multipod technology in the Kask Elemento

3D-printed Multipod is developed as a result of the brand's own Rotational Impact WG11 testing (Image credit: Kask)

Another safety feature is the 3D-printed Multipod internal padding, a Kask-designed structure developed as a result of the brand's own Rotational Impact WG11 Test. Multipod enables the helmet to better withstand linear and rotational impacts and also has isotropic properties which ensure it behaves consistently, no matter which direction the force is applied.

Rather than opting to use the third-party MIPS system, Kask has relied on its own technology to protect riders from rotational brain injuries. Kask says this has helped the Elemento gain a five-star rating from Virginia Tech’s Helmet Lab, a first for the brand. The Multipod’s unique design greatly improves ventilation, also increasing the Elemento’s cooling capabilities.


Another new feature for the Elemento is the Octofit+ fit and adjustment system claimed to offer easy on-the-go adjustments, greater comfort and sturdy attachment to the rider’s head. The iconic leather strap found on most Kask helmets is gone and replaced the new Octofit+ and the “Pro” chinstrap, which is the same ultra-lightweight chinstrap developed alongside and used by Ineos Grenadiers.

Rider wearing the new Kask Elemento helmet in white

The Kask iconic leather strap is replaced by Octofit+ (Image credit: Kask)

Pricing and specification

The Kask Elemento is available in S, M and L (50 to 62 cm) and in six colorways including the classic Black or White versions, as well as new metallic finishes of Beetle Green, Oxford Blue, Red, and Silver. The Elemento is on sale now from Kask.com at an RRP of $400 / £335 / €375.

Kask Elemento in red side on view

The Kask Elemento comes in 6 color choices (Image credit: Kask)
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