Manitou's new Mattoc MTB fork offers adjustable travel from 110mm to 150mm and comes in three different builds

Manitou Mattoc fork
(Image credit: Manitou)

Manitou has updated its Mattoc fork, which now offers a massive range of travel options spanning 110mm to 150mm.

With such a broad range of travel, Manitou aims to offer a single fork that can tackle a wide range of riding from XC racing to light enduro. The fork features a 34mm stanchion which puts it up against some stiff competition from Fox's 34 and Ohlins RFX34 m.2, both of which are some of the most versatile mountain bike forks on the market.

Not only is the new Mattoc fork able to be adjusted in 10mm increments from 110mm to 150mm, but Manitou also says that the process to change travel is simple enough that it can be done at home and all the necessary parts are included with the fork. 

That could be a massive bonus for riders who either want to experiment with different travel or give the option to invest in a fork that will be compatible with future frame upgrades.

Manitou Mattoc fork

The forks broad travel range means it is aimed at all riding between XC to light enduro (Image credit: Manitou)

Manitou says that the Mattoc's 34mm chassis is now 30 percent stiffer than the previous version whilst still keeping the weight competitive. Manitou will offer three versions (Comp, Expert, and Pro) with the top of the range Pro model weighing in at a claimed 1,750g.

While the construction of the fork is the same across all three models, there are several differences internally. The $1,049.99 / €1,260 Pro model features the Dorado air cartridge which allows for internal travel adjustments with no added parts. It also has Infinite Rate Tune (IRT) allows for advanced spring tuning, using a second positive air chamber that should give independent control between the start of the stroke and the middle and end of the stroke.

The Pro model also features Manitou's MC2 sealed damper and a relief valve which is said to offer more consistent damping and lighter breakaway force due to its ability to handle heat build-up. There is also a Hydraulic Bottom Out system that should stop any harsh impacts when you use all the travel.

Manitou Mattoc fork

The Mattoc features Manitou's trademark silver crown, vertical logo, and reverse arch (Image credit: Manitou)

The Expert fork features three-position compression (Open, Trail, Lock) with an open mode and low-speed compression adjustment, and the Comp version has simple rebound and compression adjustments.

The good news is the internals of all the Mattoc models are compatible and interchangeable between the Pro, Expert and Comp levels, as well as between the older Mattoc, Circus, and Mastodon forks. This not only makes sourcing spares easier but also allows new and intermediate riders to upgrade their fork as their riding improves, rather than having to buy an entirely new fork to get more performance.

The Mattoc is available in a 29in version with an offset of 44mm, it will also be available in two versions of 27.5in with 37mm and 44mm offsets.

Manitou Mattoc Pricing

  • Pro: $1,049.99 / €1,260
  • Expert: $799.99 / €990
  • Comp: $549.99 / €720
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