MicroSHIFT's brilliant new bargain drivetrain

MicroSHIFT Advent X 10-speed drivetrain
MicroSHIFT's Advent X is an advanced 10-speed drivetrain system (Image credit: MicroSHIFT)

MicroSHIFT is a cycling drivetrain company which has been trading independently since 1999.

The Taiwanese brand’s latest product development is a 10-speed mountain bike drivetrain which offers a generous spread of gearing, at a very reasonable price.

In a market dominated by 11- and 12-speed drivetrains, the advent of a new 10-speed option might appear odd, but MicroSHIFT’s logic is that mountain bikers on a budget will be keen on a 48T cassette.

Recognising that not all riders frequent very steep Alpine terrain, where an extreme climbing gear is required, the MicroSHIFT’ Advent X is a wide-range 10-speed drivetrain for real-world mountain biking.

Featuring a rear Cassette range of 11-48, MicroSHIFT claim the Advent X to be compatible with any brand’s 10-speed chains or chainrings.

MicroSHIFT’s product team realised that most mountain bikers on a budget were quite satisfied with an 11T cog to do the high-speed fire road riding. Where the customer demand was unfulfilled, is for a better climbing ratio. The solution with MicroSHIFT’s Advent X is that 48T climbing gear, which is a very nice jump from the conventional 10-speed cassette’s 42T.

The steel cassette sells for $44.99, whilst riders also have the option on a dual spider aluminium version, which rates at 424g of weight, and prices at $64.99. Keeping the chain secure is a clutch rear derailleur, which features a simple external switch to operate.

MicroSHIFT is offering the choice of two shifters, with the only difference being a traction pad. The pricing for these Trail shifters are $24.99 and $29.99 for the Pro variant.

The Advent X drivetrain system’s total weight is 857g, if you tick the aluminium cassette option. Pricing varies between $142 and $167, depending on your cassette and shifter preference.

It represents great value and for riders who prefer the simplicity and straighter chainline of a 10-speed drivetrain, the Advent X will be a great new alternative to budget offerings from Shimano and SRAM.

Lance Branquinho
Freelance writer

Lance Branquinho is a Namibian-born journalist who graduated to mountain biking after injuries curtailed his trail running. He has a weakness for British steel hardtails, especially those which only run a single gear. As well as Bike Perfect, Lance has written for MBR.com, Off-Road.cc and Cycling News.